A good snippet from Inman News…

1. Post good content daily. This is the No.1 one thing that I see agents NOT doing. They spend time calling or e-mailing clients, but they drop the ball on their Facebook page. You should be posting two to three times a day. A good formula for Realtors on Facebook is: two parts personal and one part business.

2. Have a plan and stick to it. Make a list of the top 10 sites you like to visit — include news sites, recreational sites (gardening, travel, etc.), and, of course, your Web site or blog. Visit this list daily. This makes it very easy for you to link to interesting stories and post good and relevant content daily.

3. Do it yourself. As a Realtor you can’t hire out someone to manage your Facebook account for you. You have to make time — every morning and every evening — to manage your account. You can, however, hire someone to enhance your page and make custom tabs with HTML.

4. Comment on what others post. This is KEY! It is not all about YOU! Take five minutes out of your Facebook time each day to comment on what some of your friends or fans have said.

5. Be engaging. Ask questions, post photos, be a part of the conversation. Remember: Facebook is like the ultimate dinner party. At a dinner party you wouldn’t sit in the corner and not talk to anyone right? Nor would you JUST talk about real estate.