Nothing makes an impression like a pop of color. And when that color is red, that impression will be unforgettable. Why? Because red is bold. Red is powerful. Red is dramatic. So when you add that to a home, you’re transcending simple décor and entering the realm of genuine expression.

What does red express? That’s the beauty of the color; it can express a whole host of sentiments. In China, red is associated with good fortune. In America, we identify red with romance and passion (St. Valentine’s Day, anyone?). Feng Shui enthusiasts believe red inspires energy and richness and in quite a few cultures, the color signifies prestige and celebration (rolling out the Red Carpet comes to mind).

So when you’re decorating with red, you have infinite possibilities at your fingertips.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to bring red into your home.

Bold First Impressions

Via Sophia’s Decor

Paint your front door the perfect shade of red to give your home a chic, welcoming first impression.

A Splash of Red

Foto Maria Rosenlöf Styling Linda Wiktorsson-Lång
Photo via Elle Interiors

Add a piece of red artwork to your wall, place a red-toned vase on your side table, or lay out a red, color-blocked rug. All it takes are a few elements to really add some zest to a neutral-toned room.

A Fresh Spin

Photo via Style at Home

Place fresh red flowers around your home. It sounds overly simple, but a vase filled with red Tulips, Gerbera Daisies, or Roses can bring instant vibrancy and great energy to a room.

A Chic Retreat

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Decorate your master suite in blacks and whites and add red bed pillows or a red chaise lounge for a modern, polished look.

Be Bold

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This is not suggested for the faint of heart, but if you want to add real drama to a room, the right red can bring depth and glamour. The biggest rule of thumb here is: Don’t overdo it. Too much red and guests might think they’ve walked into a den of gaudiness.

When you do it right, red is simply sensational.