There’s no doubt about it: the sixties have made the ultimate comeback and design-lovers couldn’t be happier about it. As Mad Men reminds us with its rousing return this Sunday, that decade was the perfect combination of sexy and chic—and don’t we all wish we could magically transform every piece of furniture into an Eames, Jacobsen, or Bertoia original. In reality though, there’s no need for a total do-over. You can still have a retro-cool feel to your home style with just a few choice pieces to spice it up.

Check out four easy additions to your home décor that would make Don Draper feel right at home.

1. Pick Up a Signature Chair

You don’t need a room full of vintage furniture to make a statement. One signature piece can add real flair to a room. You can either splurge on an iconic original like the Eames Lounge or choose a comfortable 60s-inspired chair like the Anson in spa-blue.

Anson_Chair copy-BLOG

2. Tell Time with Style

Telling time was never as hip as it was in the sixties. Lucky for us, we can still get our hands on some great deco pieces. Go for subtle like the Nelson Wheel below or be more colorful—the coolness is all in the design…and the attitude.



3. Light Up the Room with Mod Lighting

Lighting can definitely be more than functional. Add a lighting fixture with interesting geometrics or choose a lamp with clean modern lines—the spotlight will be shining on your style sense in the best possible way.

light-mid-century -BLOG

4. Serve Up Cocktails With Style

When it comes to entertaining, the sixties had it down to an art. And you can too with the right equipment. Add an “Entertainment Unit” to your home (we’re not talking about Blu-Rays and plasma TVs here) and serve up that Tom Collins with a little swagger in your step.


Are you ready to add sixties swag to your home décor? Let us know what you’ve done to Mad-Men-ize your home! Or, if you’d rather just start from scratch, take a look at some of our mid-century era homes from You just may find your dream home today…

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