“The Great Gatsby”—just thinking about it brings on a craving for a Gin Gimlet, a velvet chaise, and a little Van & Schenck’s “Ain’t We Got Fun” blaring from the phonograph. It was an age of fun, freedom, and of course—glamorous deco design. With the release of Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” scheduled for this Friday, we thought there was no better time to re-introduce this epic design era and give you some ideas to add a little “jazz age” into your home décor.

699 Gatsby Movie Set Bedroom Arch. Digest

1. Add Some Sparkle To Your Lighting

Jay Gatsby didn’t shy away from bold lighting on his estate, so why should you? Make your dining room or entryway the bee’s knees with a dazzling crystal chandelier. Look for elegant curves to capture the true deco character.


2. Get Laid Back with a Chaise Lounge

Velvet chaise lounges are the epitome of deco-style, with delicate curves, ornate, wooden legs, and an undeniably chic sensibility. Add a piece like this to your home and you’ll be lounging with the best of the Gatsby clan.


3. Roll Out the Entertainment Trolley

In the 20s, every occasion was an excuse for entertaining. Pick up a “brass trolley” or tea cart to serve your guests with a touch of deco class. Find a true vintage trolley or go a bit more modern with an iron and brass Libations Bar Cart.

Brass Trolley

4. Be Deco Down to Your Tippy Toes

Modernist-era Area Rugs are a great way to easily add a touch of deco to your style. The look is marked with geometric shapes and interesting color combinations, such as neutral palettes with a splash of color.

Deco Rug

5. Wall-to-Wall Ritz

We’re not suggesting you go wallpaper-crazy, but adding a tasteful wall covering to a room can add a certain flare. When designing Jay Gatsby’s bedroom for the new movie, Architectural Digest noted the designer created a “harlequin-pattern wall covering of silk crisscrossed with ribbons of wood.” The look adds undeniable glamour to the room and is quintessential “1920s.”

Wall Covering

Will your home style be the cat’s meow? Which of these Gatsby-inspired design ideas do you want to try?

While you’re thinking, get inspired by these Gatsby-esque homes on—are you seeing your future…?


40 Verbalee Ln.
Hillsborough, CA 94010


27777 Winding Way
Malibu, CA 90265

Lead photos courtesy of: Architectural Digest