It’s May…the month for moving residencies–but also for moving, period. In honor of all things exercise, we took a look at a recent survey conducted by Men’s Health, who ranked 100 American cities from most to least active, by analyzing local habits in each area, including amount of exercise at home and at gyms, TV watching, video game popularity, as well as CDC data. You might be a little surprised to know that the Golden State’s awesome year-round weather has apparently not turned Californians into hyperactive, spandex and pedometer-wearing workout fiends.

In fact, only one California city made the Top 10…and we gotta be honest… we were surprised! Oakland? We knew the city was “the Brooklyn of the West” with an active social scene, but we had no idea it was active in terms of raising a new generation of joggers, cyclists and Ironmans! Bravo!

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1.    Portland, OR
2.    Boise, ID
3.    Salt Lake City, UT
4.    Minneapolis, MN
5.    St. Paul, MN
6.    Denver, CO
7.    Seattle, WA
8.    Madison, WI

9. Oakland, CA 10.  Aurora, CO

Other California cities were further down on the list: San Francisco (No. 11), San Jose (No. 12), Sacramento (No. 14) and San Diego (No. 17).   You can read the full Men’s Health article here.





Lead image courtesy of: Flickr.