When the term “Man Cave” first came to pass, the meaning was clear and basic: A garage with a foldaway poker table, a dartboard, and a maybe a mini-fridge tucked away by the door. But now, the term brings a whole different vision to mind: Media rooms with theatre seating and full bars, game rooms with state-of-the-art equipment, and modern outdoor cooking stations with built-in fire places—Man Caves have officially entered the dimension of cool.

If you desperately want a Man Cave of your very own for Father’s Day, you can either make a few moderate changes to your home or drastically reinvent one of your rooms—whatever route you choose, a manctuary is within your grasp.

According to a recent New York Times post, New York Interior Designer, Marshall Watson, suggests three basics when converting a room into your own personal Man Cave:

1. Soundproofing: When men get together, the volume inevitably increases to a minor ruckus. Consider upholstering the walls and hiding soundproofing material underneath the fabric.

2. Comfortable Seating: Invest in a comfy sectional sofa that allows the guys to move seating around or a couple of power recliners built for laying back and catching the game.

3. Drinking Station: Every Man Cave must have a bar of some sort. Whether that means adding a handsome bar cabinet or rolling in a Mad Men-Style bar cart, make sure you have some sort of beverage stand at the ready.

There are renovations that can be made all over the house to add a masculine tone, while still being neutral enough for the whole family to enjoy. Check out these three options that don’t have to be “Boy’s Only” zones.

1. Media Room: Creating a Media Room with theater seating and a giant flat screen is great for man-time and family time. Make the room extra fun by adding a popcorn maker cart to boot.

2. Outdoor Cooking: A charcoal BBQ is fine for some people, but if you’re going for the outdoor Man Cave vibe, you need a grill with some power. Try a freestanding stainless steel grill that can sear tuna, grill vegetables, and cook up rotisserie beef tenderloin in one fell swoop. You’ll be the grill master of the neighborhood in no time.

3. Gaming Room: Kids have playrooms, so why not men? Convert one room by adding the three key must-haves from above (soundproofing, comfy seating, and bar) and then bring in the real fun: a stainless steel pool table with unique overhead lighting, a flat screen outfitted with a gaming console for the kids (or the adults), and top it off with wall hanging like framed sports memorabilia or classic car posters.

If  the idea of a Man Cave renovation is too daunting, then take a look at these move-in ready homes on They offer their own versions of Man Caves that are sure to keep you (or your dude) entertained for hours–whether it’s grilling burgers, collecting cars or watching those NBA Finals games.

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