When July 4th rolls around, thoughts turn to red, white, and blue clothing, putting out the flag, and maybe scaring up a few starred-and-striped items to scatter throughout the house. But showing your national pride doesn’t have to be limited to one day a year. Americana is a growing design trend, says Huffington Post, and the ways in which to bring it into your home are limitless. Here are just a few.



An antique flag makes an impression in any decor and can be an establishing point for both a color palette and a design motif. If you’re a collector, going with an Americana style is a great way to start or expand a collection that will always hold value and meaning. Everything from furniture to folk art can be collected and curated through a simple online search, or by way of antique stores and flea markets across the country.



County-style Americana incorporates “gingham, quilted pillows, a red-white-blue palette and the framed flag,” says HouzzThe trick to preventing  “Americana overload” is “the use of white paint and mixing in neutral shades of tan.”


Wild West


This version of Americana draws on “the tradition of the great outdoors, cowboys and gunfights,” creating a “rugged yet charming theme, says Interior Design Pro. The combination of “rough woods, course textiles, and elements like animal skins…and wrought iron recreate that old-time simplicity of living close to nature.”



A more contemporary approach to Americana decor is folding distinctive elements into an eclectic design. An easy way to do this is with patterns, like these fabric panels and bold accent pillows as seen on decoist.



Have a family member who served in the armed forces? Think about displaying his or her uniform, medal, patches, or another artifact as art. Not only is this an easy and meaningful way to incorporate some personal Americana style into your space, but is also a special way to honor the military in general and your loved one.

Which Americana style best reflects your design sense?