Modern Outdoor Lounge
Once upon a time, outdoor décor consisted of deck chairs, chaise lounges and a rollaway barbecue. (Those were also the days when pigs in a blanket were considered fancy finger food and Twister was the name of the game. Does the word “outdated” come to mind?) Fast forward to the 21st century where your outdoor space is meant to be so much more. It’s a showcase, not an afterthought: a tranquility escape for the chronically busy, a social center for friends and family, an al fresco destination for summer dining—in other words, a space worth investing in. Now, we’re not suggesting you tear out your patio and completely overhaul your entire yard—although with all of the amazing ideas floating around Houzz and Pinterest—that could be fun to do. All it really takes to jazz up your outdoor décor are a few additions and some creativity. To help you out, here are some of the coolest ideas we’ve come across that can transform an every day outdoor space into your own private paradise.

1. Garden Pergola

It’s amazing how inviting your open-air space can feel when you add a pergola. There are several different ways to use this classic open shelter—all equally appealing. Create a charming shaded walkway or attach the arbor as an extension to your home to serve as shelter from the sun for brunch parties. Allow flowers or vines to interlace through a wooden lattice for a storybook beauty—or use the lattice as a foundation for lighting.

2. Statement Furniture

All-weather furniture does not have to be bland. Choose outdoor pieces that add flare  to your outdoor area. Stores like California Modern and Wicker Furniture (yes, wicker can have the cool factor when done right) all carry a variety of  chic furnishings that can completely change the look and atmosphere of your patio or deck.

3. Eco-Friendly

 Eco-friendly decor is a trend that’s only getting stronger with time—and why not? There are gorgeous sustainable furniture lines out there, plus part of the beauty of an outdoor area is having nature all around you. Create a pathway using locally sourced stones (forget about imports…there’s no need) and cover the ground around your outdoor dining area with decomposed granite, which has an attractive pink-tinted look. For furnishing, try West Elm‘s and Crate and Barrel‘s eco-friendly furniture lines and then accent the area with plenty of foliage, teak flower boxes and recycled glass hummingbird feeders to keep your greenery active and fluttering with movement.

4. Outdoor Kitchens
Outdoor Kitchen

Transform your patio space into an inviting outdoor kitchen. The ability to open-air dine is one of the greatest perks of California living—and when you have a fully equipped kitchen and dining area at your disposal, you’ll be the most popular host on the block. Companies like California-based Lynx Grills can provide everything you need for a complete outdoor kitchen, then just add some comfortable seating, a fire pit and plants to add even more warmth to the space.

5. Pool Theater
Pool theater

Here’s a fun outdoor decor idea that may seem a bit out there, but it’s pure California. Turn your pool into an outdoor theater. All you need to do is set up an outdoor television or an inflatable projection screen by the pool, get a few floating pool chairs, have a snack and bar cart set up and enjoy the show. To add some ambience for evenings by your pool theater, add some floating lanterns to the water. It’s a fairly low-maintenance way to spice up your outdoor area without the need for renovations.

What are your outdoor decor ideas? Let us know!