Fall is here, and the arrival of crisp weather (as well as the early onslaught of holiday ads) may just be putting you in the mood for a party.

We don’t blame you. Being able to finally turn on our fireplace, wear something with sleeves, and enjoy the arrival of pumpkin spice everything has us feeling festive too. So peruse our list of seven unique fall party décor ideas below and get ready to serve up a soiree to remember.

1. Pick a Theme, Any Theme


Developing a theme for a party “is a fun part of event planning,” said Country Living. And also an easy way to develop some cohesion in your decor that helps create a memorable event. The mag suggests choosing a color palette to establish a theme and set the style for the decor, and the menu—something of the, say, pumpkin variety, perhaps? You can go for gilded, rustic, woodland or bewitching…the options are endless.

2. Lost and Found Objects

Actually, fall’s bounty provides plenty of fodder for party décor. Use found items to jazz up your home for your fall get-together. A collection of pine cones, fall leaves, autumn fruits, or rocks that can serve as candle holders for tall pillars make a pretty–and pretty easy–presentation. One of our favorites? Pinecone place cards. You’d also be amazed by what you can do with a pumpkin: a hollowed-out pumpkin used as a vase for a pretty bunch of fall flowers, a cooler for fall-flavored beverages or petite pumpkins de-stemmed and used as candle holders. What can we say? We love pumpkins.

3. Find Your Center…Piece

Fall centerpieces can go the same route with a nod to nature. Pile colorful artichokes into a large glass hurricane or group together bunches of corn with dried flowers and berry branches. Or, line up core apples fitted with tea lights inside. If you’re handy with a drill, you can make this branch candleholder centerpiece in no time. Check out Digs Digs 52 Cool Fall Party Décor Ideas, where you’ll learn that if you can eat it, gather it, light it, or buy it at a pumpkin patch, it’s going to look amazing in the center of your table.

You can get even more great centerpiece ideas from Martha Stewart.

4. Apple Assets

Speaking of apples…this fall food staple may seem boring to those who only eat them plain and whole, but creative uses of the apple can give your party pizzazz. Set up an apple cider bar around a large punchbowl and offer mix-ins including red-hots, cinnamon sticks, and Werthers caramels. You can also use the same idea for a do-it-yourself caramel apple bar. The bonus: The finished apples make a great take-home gift for the guests.

5. Love Me Tenderloin

After a summer of salads and barbecue, it’s time to impress with an elegant main dish for your fall party. And let’s face it. A great dish is its own decor. Thankfully, you can make a great presentation and still keep it low stress with beef tenderloin, which “can be served at room temperature, so the pressure of getting it to the table hot isn’t an issue,” said Country Living.

6. Craft Works

Kids coming to your party? A few easy crafts and activities can keep them happy–and busy. “After dinner, whip out the pumpkin and paints. Invite guests to use their artistic skills to paint pretty designs or goofy faces on pumpkins,” said Better Homes and Gardens. If you’d rather stay away from paint, offer up glitter and glue each poured into paint trays. Or, avoid the mess altogether and offer up stickers and adhesive googly eyes for decorating the pumpkins. When they’re done, display them on a table to bring extra festivity to your party. Need more inspiration? Country Living has you covered with 41 ideas for fall crafts.

7. A Gilded Age

When it’s time to plan something a little more formal, Martha’s always your girl for elegant invitations and décor. Her Marigold Party collection is a showcase of gold, green, and grapes. We love her golden goodie boxes with lace inset sides—the perfect way to send your friends home with a treat (cue the caramel apples).

Now that we’ve got you in a fall state of mind, head on over to our “Fall in Love with Your Home” board on Pinterest for hundreds more food, decor and entertaining ideas for fall.