What sounds spookier to you? Paris Hilton as “Miley Cyrus” or low inventory in many California neighborhoods? Well, as we scoured the latest real estate headlines, we found a mixed bag—almost as diverse as, say, that Trick-or-Treat bag your child will be bringing home tonight filled with Fun Size Snickers, Mars bars and all of the other nameless sugar-coma-inducing items. (Your only recourse now is to pawn it off on all guests who enter your household between now and Thanksgiving.) In celebration of Halloween, we compiled a list of current real estate headlines.

Homeowners now see a house as a retirement nest egg, not an ATM, reports MarketWatch.

Attention real estate naysayers! Housing affordability is actually a good sign—according to this Forbes reporter.

The horrors of foreclosures and default notices may be behind California and the Bay Area…which have now slowed to a trickle as the economy and the housing market stabilize, says the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Los Angeles Times has good news and bad news about California real estate. First, the bad: Buyers signed fewer contracts for homes in September as declining affordability sapped demand.  Then, the good: Lower affordability has also helped improve the market’s health. 

Jeepers creepers! Bloomberg says housing prices in U.S. cities rose by the most since early 2006.

Chinese investors are buying up San Francisco real estate at a fever pitch, says San Francisco Chronicle.

Happy Haunting (er, we mean, hunting)!