At Thanksgiving dinner, the main focus might be on that delectable feast you’ve cooked up, but when your table décor is also done right, a few “oooohs” and “ahhhhhs,” just may be directed that way, as well. So how do you go about making your Thanksgiving table rave-worthy? Really, all it takes is a great centerpiece. And FYI, that doesn’t have to be a complicated endeavor. Flowers, pumpkins, candles and even backyard twigs are all you need to create a beautiful, festive look that will make your Thanksgiving table a serious showpiece.

Take a look at five creative Thanksgiving centerpieces that will complete your holiday table and add another round of “wows” to your holiday compliments.


1. Twig Runner

The Twig Runner is a fun décor idea that can also be a family affair. Have the kids gather a nice bunch of twigs. Then trim them all to the same size, glue one twig at a time to pieces of fabric on either side (a glue gun comes in handy here) and let it set until dry. Then lay it down the middle of your table with a sprinkling of fall leaves (if you can’t find any natural, try artificial leaves), mini pumpkins and red berries for a splash of color. If you don’t have time to make the runner yourself, there are plenty available to buy that are just as rustically beautiful.


2. Fall Leaves 

For a simple, beautiful centerpiece, just bring the outdoors in! If the leaves are changing color in your neighborhood, cut off a few branches and carefully place them in a large vase in the center of your table. For a fresh and refined look, place them in a wide, transparent globed vase. If your area isn’t overflowing with the change of season, never fear: you can find artificial branches and leaves that will give the same effect.


3. Gourd Vases

In the same way gourds (such as pumpkins) can be used as candleholders, they also make lovely vases for the holiday. Buy several tall white gourds, hollow them out and place a few large autumn-colored blossoms in each. The end result is an easy elegance your guests will love. If you’d like to go with one large centerpiece attraction, hollow out a nice sized pumpkin and fill it with smaller flowers in yellow and orange.


4. DIY Candleholders

The glow of candles is always a welcome addition to any holiday table but it’s the candleholders that can really make them something special. Hollow out mini pumpkins, stuff small candles inside and set them vertically down the center of your table. For a fresh, modern candle look: fill similarly shaped, empty wine bottles (transparent work best) with dried berries, seeds and autumn herbs, then top each off with a tapered candle. Arrange the bottles in a straight line, zigzag or a circular pattern along the tabletop.


5. Kid-Friendly & Fun

Not every centerpiece needs to be the picture of refinement—especially when there are kids on the guest list. Make your table fun with a crafty centerpiece like holiday-themed gourds. Just buy some wiggle eyes, a few feathers and a tiny hat and you have the makings of an adorable pilgrim centerpiece. For a more enduring kid-friendly centerpiece, make pinecone turkeys and put your littlest guest’s names on a placard around its neck. Then they can have a treat when they go home!

How will you be decorating your Thanksgiving table? Have you tried any of these creative centerpieces? Let us know your favorite way to decorate your holiday table!