On Friday, December 13, Peter Jackson’s The Desolation of Smaug, the second installment of Jackson’s film-adaptation-trilogy of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, makes its way to theaters across the country. The film’s story revolves around the journey of a very unlikely hero, Bilbo Baggins, and his transformation from simple Shire-folk to explorer, warrior, and ultimately, legend. While the Hobbit movies feature some of the industry’s most advanced CGI, Jackson was able to bring Tolkien’s fantasy world to life largely in part to the majestic countryside of New Zealand. For those taken with the scenery, Californian’s are fortunate enough to enjoy a similar climate and landscape, ensuring the fantasy getaway doesn’t have to end when the credits role. I’ve put together a collection of decor ideas and California homes that will have you thinking you are in The Shire. Let’s take a look.



Burrow-like Homes:

From breathtaking and sweeping views of ocean cliff-sides to towering forests, Carmel provides ample inspiration for the Hobbits in each of us. These properties remind me of the magic and mystery that is encapsulated by the films, while still providing a very homey feel. World famous golf courses, restaurants, and historical points of interests can all be found nearby — including the forestry region of Big Sur, and popular tourist destination, Monterey.

If you wanted to find yourself living in the densely forested Big Sur, you’ll want to take a look at 59431 Garrapatos Road. A little outside the forestry region of Big Sur, lies Carmel where 0 Forest 2 SE Of 8th or 0 Monte Verde & 10th SE Corner St offer  a very similar, cozy, and Burrow-like, appearance.

Creating the Burrow Decor: 

Transforming your home into something out of Middle-Earth doesn’t need to involve excavating a hillside. Simple measures of bringing the outside in and adding some additional touches will help transform your home into an abode that any Baggins would be proud to live in, or at least visit and enjoy a cup of tea.

Repurposed Arch Window Frame Mirror

Repurposed Arch Window Frame Mirror

1) Arched Doorways and Windows – If you can’t remodel your doorways and windows to have natural arches, attached plywood that has been stained a dark wood color would provide a similar look and feel. Similarly, treat outfacing windows with shutters instead of curtains or blinds.

2) Natural Colored Paint – Warm up your home with buttery yellow walls paired with brown or green trims. Should your home have rustic and natural dark wood trims, leaving them bare would look better than any shade of paint.

3) Round Shaped Decor – Most Burrows feature many rounded accessories. From picture frames to mirrors and pillows, squares should be repressed as much as possible. Go the extra mile and remember to cover up any electric lights with a natural-looking lamp shade.

Isabella Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack

Isabella Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack

4) Wooden Items – Furnish your rooms with an assortment of mismatching wooden items and the occasional wrought iron piece. An old oak table with iron trimmings would make an exceptional dining room table. You can also decorate with artwork depicting woodwork or forest scenery.

5) The Little Things – Completing the feel requires adding small, special touches. Tie in old maps, tattered and yellowing books, a overhanging pot rack with a variety of colored pots and pans in the kitchen, or an antique Cuckoo clock. The Burrow of any good Hobbit will have a plethora of stuff with an abundance of stories to entertain any guest or family member. Lastly. don’t forget to leave a walking stick near the front door – you will want to be prepared for your next unexpected journey.

What would you expect to see in your Hobbit-like home? Was there a particular detail I left out? Tweet me @CB_California, or leave a comment below!


Credit to Stephanie Mitchell for decor ideas