There are simply no holidays as fun and bright as those that fall during the winter season. We get to indulge in decadent foods (guilt-free), exchange gifts with family and friends and, of course, decorate our homes in the most festive way possible. And as much as we may gripe about the tangled Christmas lights and pine needles shedding on the floor, we can’t deny that we love decorating for the holidays—we just do!

The environment, on the other hand, doesn’t always love our choices when it comes to decorating. Artificial trees, for example, may seem like a good idea, but since they’re usually made of a non-biodegradable, petroleum-derived plastic, they’re actually worse for the environment than a real tree (as long as you recycle your tree, that is). Then there’s the tinsel problem, energy use… well, there’s a lot to consider as an eco-conscious holiday host! So let us help you make your decorations beautiful, memorable and environmentally friendly. Take a look at five festive and responsible ideas to green up your holiday décor.

1. Use LED for Outdoor Holiday Lighting

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If you’re the Clark Griswold of the neighborhood and love to string lights outside, you may want to go the LED lighting route. You’ll use much less energy, you won’t be emitting toxic chemicals and are perfect in extreme hot or extreme cold weather. Try LED lighted Christmas trees, string lights or glitter reindeer to make a holiday statement the neighbors will envy.


2. Decorate Your Tree Responsibly

Felted Wool 

Decorating the Christmas tree is such fun, but boy oh boy, some of those tree adornments are major planet busters. Disposable tinsel and energy draining lights being the two most common faux pas. But there are some great alternatives, like the enduring and cool looking Victorian Tin Tinsel (just keep away from pets and kids…the ends may be a tad sharp), LED changing lights or earth-friendly ornaments like Felted Wool Acorns.


3. Go Green with Candlelight


Candles are such a lovely way to add a soft glow during holiday dinners, but when you’re burning typical paraffin candles to create that ambiance, you’re emitting carbon. Yuck—carbon emissions are not invited to your holiday dinner. Instead, opt for greener candles made from soy or beeswax with cotton or paper wicks. These handcrafted Beeswax Ornament Candles are a great choice—and come in three beautiful styles. 


4. Have a Living Christmas Tree

Rosemary Tree 04

Instead of heading out to the Christmas Tree farm to buy a tree that will lose its luster by holiday’s end, you could buy a potted living tree to decorate.  Choose something wonderfully fragrant like a potted rosemary tree and you can use it as décor and a fresh herb resource!


5. Adorn Your Lighting with Garland Lights


A stunning way to add some holiday bling to your existing décor is through the magic of Garland Lights. Tord Boontje’s metal garland of flowers is a beautiful choice for a couple of reasons: It’s reusable (or can be used all year long) and you’ll be supporting designer Boontje’s socially conscious causes.


Are you going green with your holiday decorations? Let us know your ideas!