Antler chandeliers. Rough-hewn wood. Imposing stone fireplaces. Taxidermy.

These are just a few of the features you’ll find in a typical cabin. But today’s cabins are often every bit as luxurious as they are rustic. So expect to find a Viking stainless-steel range alongside the “oak beams, granite counters, and cherry cabinets…in a home that has cabin elements but still incorporates the finest amenities,” said Elle Décor.

The far end of rustic home design, the log cabin, is also experiencing a renaissance—one that has introduced an upscale design aesthetic to the style. “The new log cabin: so large, so luxe and so loaded with amenities that Daniel Boone would hardly know where to hang his coonskin hat,” said the Wall Street Journal. “Once an icon of humble Americana, evoking images of Abe Lincoln, log homes are getting larger and more elaborate, with intricate truss work, expansive windows and even contemporary, curved elements. Instead of dark, low-slung cabins, homeowners are opting for airier, lighter versions with open layouts.”

Going full-on rustic or simply incorporating a few cabin elements into your décor is easy, by paying attention to a few simple tips.

Respect Wood

MV-033LWestern Passion’s wood and leather-embossed western hacienda desk

“A key component to the cabin feel is the use of wood as a primary material,” said Interior Collective. Wood is seen in cabin décor beams, in paneling, in flooring, and in furniture. In the bedroom, this canopy log bed or this bed fashioned out of recycled barn wood offer the perfect mix rustic and serene.

This milpa burl wood chest and this wood and leather-embossed hacienda western desk also introduce key elements and beautiful style around the house.

But wood doesn’t have to dominate the home. “Rustic and industrial make a happy marriage in…Atlanta, said House Beautiful. “The 1936 cottage’s old barn beams” were used alongside steel shelves to create a unique look.

Add the Animals


More specifically, dead animals. “People have used animal imagery in their decorating since they were painting ancient beasts on cave walls, said CNN. “There’s nothing new about the look, Elle Decor interiors editor Robert Rufino said, but there is a modern approach trotting through homes. The current way to use animal prints, figurines, imagery, hides and bones in home decor is full of whimsy, he said. It takes the old-world tradition of stately trophies to a very fun place.

Antler chandeliers are a staple of cabin décor. But today, in addition to more traditional antler chandeliers, they are gildedpainted, or made out of something other than actual antlers (like this ceramic version or this glass masterpiece). They’re also made into things other than light fixtures.

You can see more ideas for incorporating taxidermy to your decor here.

Go Natural

Bernadette Livingston high back accent chair

The Bernadette Livingston high back accent chair brings in two natural elements as well as high style for cabin decor

Elements that evoke nature, like this stone fireplace, make a big impression in a living space. Incorporating this copper high country cauldron cocktail table invites a distinctive look while luxe faux fur pillows and faux fur throws can bring in the idea of taxidermy without the guilt. Add in a high back hide and distressed leather chair, and you’ve got a room to remember.

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325 Squaw Valley Rd #c Title Rp
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