Last night’s Golden Globe Awards sets off a cavalcade of awards shows, culminating with the Academy Awards on March 2. Yep, it’s awards season, and you know what that means: You’re about to hear, “What are you wearing?” a good 10 thousand times during the awardsfest that is the next few months.

If you’re anything like us, this makes you just a tad giddy. Oh, who are we kidding? We’re full tilt giddy!  We’re also in full tilt party-planning mode. So grab your Manolos and read on for a few great DIY ideas for hosting an awards party.

1. Bring The Yummy (and the punny)

When it comes to menu planning for awards show parties, you need three things:

  • Good eats
  • Good names
  • A good flow of alcohol

Making sure your menu is appropriate for the event is key. If we’re talking the Academy Awards, veer toward fancy fare. If it’s the Grammy’s, go funky or All American with finger food, like this menu that includes mini cheeseburgers and individual apple pies a la mode.

For the Golden Globes, prepare a meal that’s not just similar to what the stars are eating, but is actually EXACTLY what they are having. Courtesy of People magazine, we have the menu, which includes “braised beef short rib crusted with Mediterranean spices and sautéed sea trout with spinach sweet corn ragout in a creamy dill sauce. Dessert? Mangoes on almond sponge cake with crème anglaise.” You can get the recipe for the sea trout here.

People says there will also be “1,500 mini champagne bottles ready to go, a magnum bottle on every table and, of course, a signature cocktail—the Golden Night, made with Moët & Chandon champagne, pear brandy and cardamom-flavored simple syrup.” So make sure you don’t forget the drinks. Clearly, you’ll be in good company.

Another thing to consider is naming. Fun names for the evening’s dishes can take a regular party up a notch. Grammy-inspired food from last year’s show according to Be Transported’s 7 Tips for Throwing a Fabulous Grammy Party included “Call Me Baby Back Ribs,” “Gangnam Style Chicken,” and “Fiona Apple Pie.”

Check out Epicurious for more recipes and drinks inspired by last year’s Academy Award nominees to give you ideas for this year after the nominees are named on  January 16.

2. Dress to Impress

If you’re planning on wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt for the Academy Awards, you might just want to hang out at home with your dog. Half the fun of the awards season is seeing what everyone is wearing, and getting in the spirit yourself.

Grab your gown and your Harry Winstons (or your best facsimile), and layer on the glamour. I like the idea of Oscar parties being really sophisticated,” said Oprah. “I can’t think of anything more fun than ‘black tie.’ A bonus to the black tie idea: “Dressy guests make for prettier pictures gathered around the TV set.

Getting together for the Emmys and looking for a way to do something fun, festive and couch potato-esque? Two words: monogrammed snuggies.

And two more: feetie pajamas.

The Emmy Awards don’t roll around again until September, but file away this fun idea from Wine Enthusiast for then.

“Mad for Mad Men? Scary-obsessed with American Horror Story? Ask your guests to arrive an hour before the show dressed in the style of their favorite characters. Put out some inexpensive props like long gloves and faux-diamond tiaras (referencing Downton Abbey), blue gloves and goggles (Breaking Bad), lacy ruffles or collars (Behind the Candelabra) or cigarette holders and fascinators (Boardwalk Empire).

3. Create Fun Décor

Chic dress and festive foods deserve companion décor that makes the grade. So think about your theme and then use a few easy tips to create memorable party décor.

You can get Hollywood award show items—balloons, marquees, replica Oscar statues, and even red carpets, at many party stores. Check out Huffington Post for some great ideas for inexpensive (and even free) ideas for decorating for your award party and for putting together great party favors.

For a Grammy party, decorate with mic stands and old .45s from a thrift shop, and print out old black and white pictures of Elvis, The Beatles and the like to bring in a retro vibe. But perhaps the best idea for décor for a music-related party is not inanimate. Michael Jackson impersonator, anyone?

 4. Include Some Fun and Games

It’s not The Oscars without an Oscar pool, and you can apply that same idea to other award shows like the SAG Awards and the Emmys. Not only does it ensure participation among your guests, but if you know a thing or two about what the voting group like and have a bit of luck, you might even win a few bucks back to pay for your party!

Looking for some additional creative ideas for contests at your awards party?

How about:

  • An over-under on how many times you hear “Who is your jewelry from?”
  • You bet on who forgets to thank their significant other during their acceptance speech.
  • You bet on how many times someone gets played out by the orchestra during their acceptance speech.
  • Or you bet your friends how long you can get your significant other to watch Fashion Police on the E! Channel the day after the Golden Globes.

Wrap up your party by making sure you have great photos of all your guests. “Shoot pics with your digital camera or even your SmartPhone and document the night. Then, create self-published photo books for all your guests. No takeaway gift is ever more appreciated that the one that features photos of the recipient.

Or, use this fun idea that incorporates photos and decor.

Snap Polaroids of your guests as they arrive, then hang them around the room so they feel like they’re walking the red carpet right alongside the stars,” said Country Living. (Psst: Yes, Polaroid still makes instant cameras!)”