Since February is National Wedding Month, we’re paying our respects to the centuries-old and much-loved custom of “something blue.”  In the language of weddings—even when that something blue comes in the form of nail polish or a tattoo (this is the 21st century after all)—it still officially stands for purity, love and fidelity. And for a day of “I do’s,” that’s pretty fitting. But when we translate that piece of tradition into home décor, the only symbolizing we’re interested in is style and taste.

The beauty of blue is the range of atmosphere we can pull from the different hues. Deep blues can feel dramatic, pale blues express tranquility and eggshell blues convey a retro feel—and when we mix several hues together, watch out—it’s a free-for-all flair fest. So where do you start when you’re not a bluesy person already? Is it difficult to incorporate some blue into your existing décor? By all means, no….it’s as easy as blueberry pie! The simple addition of a rug, lighting fixture or new curtains in blue can completely transform a room without overwhelming it. Take a look at our favorite ways to bring this versatile color into your home. You’ll love the results.

1. Window Treatments 

shutterstock_Blue Curtain_resized

Blue curtains are a fantastic way to change up your room’s look without a lot of work. To keep the look light, go with a sheer silk or gauze fabric and choose a color that complements your wall color. This silk drape in Lagoon is a beautiful option with a slightly regal edge, while a sheer light blue curtain brings an easy summer flow to the room.

2. Floor Coverings

shutterstock_Dog and Rug_resized

Floor coverings are the foundation of any room, so when you roll out your new, blue rug, prepare to be amazed by the difference it will make. A patterned wool rug like this honeycomb in Lapis would work beautifully with both a mid-century modern motif and a more modern contemporary look. For a more traditional feel, go with a deep blue or blue-accented oriental rug.

3. Accessories

shutterstock_Blue bottles_resized

Another easy way to infuse blue into a space is to simply choose the right accessories! Throw pillows in interesting blue textures, mismatched decorative bottles, a bold blue lampshade or a piece of wall art—these are all simple ways to bring in the color without overhauling your entire décor scheme.

 4. Appliances

shutterstock_Retro Fridge_resized

Adding colorful blue appliances to your kitchen is an amazing way to spice up your décor. Online stores like Big Chill sell retro 50s-style refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers and more in great colors, such as beach blue. If you’d rather go with smaller scale appliances, add a blue blender, coffee maker or classic toaster to the counter mix.

5. Furniture 

shutterstock_Blue Sofa_resized

The simple addition of a blue club chair, side table or ottoman will freshen up any room with little effort—or you can go a tad more daring with more significant blue pieces like a sofa or bed frame. The Tiffany blue upholstered bed frame definitely makes a statement, while the handcrafted Livingston Sofa in Regal Blue is a more low-key introduction to the hue.

Who knew having the blues could be so uplifting? Let us know your favorite ways to bring something blue into your home!