It’s National Wedding Month, which has us feeling all romantic. Inspired by the promise of everlasting love (or a date on Valentine’s Day), we’ve “borrowed” a few designs from our favorite blogs and magazines that bring back that loving feeling. We found some great examples of romantic, comfortable, enticing, enchanting, flirtatious and downright seductive décor and design options. So light up that fireplace, snuggle up close, and read on for a few ways to spice up your place, your night, or your life.

Two in One


Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

It’s sexy and soothing like a bath-a-deaux should be. But in a self-contained, no water dripping on the bathroom floor kind of way. After all, there’s nothing sexy about being hospitalized for a concussion after slipping on wet tile. Apartment Therapy shows us multiple versions of a new trend for the bathroom: the tub in the shower. Not the tub-shower combination. There’s not a single thing that’s alluring about that.

If you don’t have the right space for a tub in the shower, you can’t go wrong with a clawfoot tub for old-school romance.

On the Table


Photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty

Does a coffee table do it for you? Maybe this one will. Style Me Pretty shows us how to style a coffee table just so, with fresh flowers and coffee table books and other pretty things. Will that alone put you in the mood? Quite frankly, that Gucci logo is getting us going.

Light it Up


Photo courtesy of Remodelista

When you’re trying to set a romantic mood, there’s nothing more important than the right lighting. After all, you don’t want “harsh, clinical lighting, particularly in a room with overhead fixtures casting shadows from above” when you’re feeling frisky,” said Remodelista. “Bright light might be the solution when it comes to reading, working, and creating, but an intimate atmosphere calls for a softer glow.”

Among their recommendations for ambient lighting: soft pink-tinted bulbs like Sylvania Soft Pink 60 Watt Bulbs.

Or, “go elemental. In the end, nothing is more flattering than the flickering glow of candlelight.” Try So Haute’s favorite Diptyque Rosa Mundi Candle “to help create an atmosphere with a seductive scent, which can be an aphrodisiac.”

If it’s the bedroom you’re lighting up, heed Elle Décor advice and add dimmers to create a mood. And to soften the effect of  compact fluorescent bulbs “use gold paper on the inside of a semi-opaque or opaque lacquered paper lampshade.”

Color Theory


Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

Colors that inspire romance can range from soft and fluttery to fiery and passionate. Choose a blushy pink like Sherwin-Williams Romance SW6323, said House Beautiful, and be reminded ofBrigitte Bardot’s pouty pink lips.” The mag also likes this hue because it is “flattering to both men and women.”

The ultimate color for romance is typically thought of as red, and Elle Décor has a slew of ways to incorporate the color that “stirs up passion. From scarlet to tomato to brick, this bold palette injects instant drama to a space.”

Of course, if you listen to the New York Daily News, you might want to consider a different hue. “Purple bedrooms make for more sex,” they said.

In the Bedroom


Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

When it comes to the bedroom, building in sex appeal is all about luxe linens (“even if you’re watching your wallet, the place to spend the money is the bedding,” said Elle Decor.). Oh, and practicality.

Practicality? When it comes to the number of pillows, definitely.  “People will over-pillow the bed,” said Elle Décor. “It’s not sexy to have a romantic interlude put on pause while all the pillows are removed.”

The magazine recommends no more than four pillows for two shams for decorative purposes—or no more than you can easily scoot off the bed with one hand.

Surround the linens with  a bed ranging from dramatic to romantic to sturdy. Then, add in an element or two of pure sex appeal, like this black lacquer dresser from Dorothy Draper on 1stdibs from Coco Kelley. Voila. You’re ripe for romance!