March. It’s the month we finally welcome Spring and the one in which we become hypnotized by NCAA Tournament brackets. But it’s also when we celebrate National Craft Month—and it’s arrived none too soon, because we’ve had ideas burning up our craft room for months. Coincidentally, we also have empty wine bottles piling up in our recycling corner, so we’re combining the two for some great upcycled wine bottle crafts.

Create a Birdfeeder

Wine bottles make an easy, functional, and attractive addition to your yard when turned into birdfeeders. There’s no glass cutting involved (unless you want to), and a small plate glued to the bottom of the bottle makes a good platform for your grazing friends. For complete instructions, click here.
Light up Your Space

There are a slew of lights and lamps you can make from wine bottles—some more complicated than others, and some more ideal for indoors than out. Fancy a lantern? Check. A Tuscan-style chandelier? Done! Here’s a quick how-to video. You can also find a tutorial on making this Pottery Barn-style chandelier here.

Wall Vase

Turn your empty bottle into a fun place to show off spring blooms. This wall vase is one part rustic, one part industrial, and remaining parts super cute—and super affordable if you’re making them as part of a group project.

Create a Terrarium

All you need is a clear bottle, some moss, small plants, found stoned or store-bought gravel, and an instrument like a chopstick that’s small enough to get it all inside the bottle. You can see a tutorial here.

For more ideas on what to do with your wine bottles, check out Design rulz.