Whether you are swimming in square footage or have a more humble abode, bonus rooms are a fantastic way to personalize your living space. For those in apartments, condos and smaller homes, closet conversions are a great way to “create” another room. My friend recently relayed the story of how her parent’s turned a pantry into a nursery for her brother and it now serves as a home office. But what about when you have a lot of space to dedicate a large room to one of your favorite activities or pastimes, like watching a movie, exercising crafting or gaming? When it comes to a bonus room, there area no rules. If there are four walls, no matter how compact or grand, you’re free to put whatever you want inside of them. We’ve seen bonus rooms turned into gift wrap stations, bowling alleys, gaming rooms and even a 1950s-style diner.
Here are five California homes on the market today that come with an added bonus.





If you are looking to scrap your gym membership by buying a home with a gym,  Tiburon and Redwood City both have homes that would excite the most avid amature bodybuilder.






Why go out to the movies? Sure a night on the town can be great, but you can almost own the movie for the price of two tickets these days. Come home to the Hollywood experience with a cinematic bonus room in Beverly Hills, Alamo, or Portola Valley.



Or, you can be your own sommelier – plus, no need for a designated driver!




California is not an uncommon place for homes with wine cellars, as California wine is loved by many. Take your pick at homes in AlamoTiburon, or Redwood City.



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If you could design your dream home with a special bonus room, what would you dedicate it to?