Generosity is alive and well and living somewhere in California—and its arrived in the form of a Twitter account named Hidden Cash. The backstory is pretty straightforward—and equally fantastic: An elusive Golden State millionaire came up with the brilliant idea to perform an “anonymous social experiment for good” by hiding cash around the state. By posting clues on Twitter, this genius and generous benefactor has Californians making mad dashes around town, trying to figure out where that treasured wad of dough might be hiding out. And all Hidden Cash is asking for in return is a tweeted photo of the found stash and a “@hiddencash” tag. Selflessness abounds!

After taking the Bay Area by storm with almost $4,000 found in random places like the bottom of San Francisco’s Lombard Street (aka: the Crookedest Street in The World”) and a San Jose fire hydrant, Hidden Cash has now descended upon Los Angeles. With over 272,000 Twitter followers and retweets hitting 1.7 thousand, you can bet Angelinos are going to be scouring the city and keeping the Twitter feed front and center for clues throughout the weekend. Since early Thursday morning, the drop-clues are coming down the Twitter pipeline, from a “famous fountain” in L.A. to somewhere that a “robin or eagle might keep their money”—who out there is trying to figure it out?

Hidden Cash

We can only wonder what other places might be on the Hidden Cash agenda? Let’s take a few guesses and see if we’re right!

1) LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)—Front Light Exhibit
Possible Drop Clue: “Urban Lights on Wilshire by Fairfax hide riches among the poles.”

2) Hollywood Walk of Fame Star—Rick Springfield (because, why not?)
Possible Drop Clue: “Jesse’s Girl made him a Star on Hollywood Boulevard.”

3) Sunset Junction Coffee Shop—Under the dining counter
Possible Drop Clue: “Caffeinate at the Junction…there’s more than gum under the counter.”

4) Griffith Observatory—At the base of the world’s busiest telescope
Possible Drop Clue: “Observe this Rebel Without a Cause location—especially the base of the Zeiss Telescope.”

5) The Grove—In front of Anthropologie
Possible Drop Clue: “Mario Lopez goes the Extra! mile at this mall. It’s a good place to study human societies and culture.

Are you out looking for your Hidden Cash treasure? Let us know where you think the next L.A. hotspot will be? And if you find some cash, don’t forget to tweet @hiddencash a thank you!