There is nothing as quintessentially So Cal as a home perched on a swanky swatch of sand, with a backdrop of gleaming, gorgeous ocean. We’d be lying if we said we were anything less than total suckers for a great beachfront pad.

But what’s really getting to us right now is the one element that can take a spectacularly sited and designed beachfront home and make it even more chills-inducing. With disappearing walls of glass, a feature we are seeing more frequently in lockstep with a continuing swell in the indoor-outdoor lifestyle, the separation between inside and out can be erased in an instant. To which we say a big, “Hallelujah!”

“For houses located in warm climates, sometimes the most impactful design move is something you don’t even see—we’re talking about sliding and accordion walls that eliminate the indoor-outdoor divide,” said Dwell.

Not content to simply enjoy the 60 feet of beach frontage on the pristine Malibu shore through regular windows and doors, the 4,600 square-foot newly remodeled contemporary beachfront masterpiece at 24450 Malibu Road introduced such a spectacle, with an entire wall of glass facing the Pacific that opens completely to the outside. From this prime spot, you can step seamlessly between the large great room, with its living area, library alcove, kitchen, and dining room, and the outdoor wooden deck, enjoying the same spectacular view from each spot.

Truth is, this Buff and Hensman post and beam home would be a stunner even if it didn’t bring a day at the beach right into the heart of the home. But the fact that it does…well, we just want to slide open that wall of glass, take a big breath of sea spray, and never close it.

And never leave.