It’s inevitable. Spring arrives and we start feeling the need to make our homes reflect the lightness of the season. The influence of longer days and more sunlight? Perhaps. But whatever the reason, the emergence of bright and shiny spring-like décor just makes us happy.

Read on for ways you can springify your home using the latest trends.


It wouldn’t be spring without florals and this year the floral trend for home décor is taking on a bold, graphic shape. Elle Décor’s “16 Ultra-Fabulous Ways to Welcome Spring” is a showcase of how to bring this spring trend into your home in ways that don’t involve a vase, like this Deborah Rhodes placement from Barneys New York or a Tsubaki Rug from Warp and Weft.


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“Bold, graphic florals are springing up everywhere, adding whimsical charm and vivid color to the design landscape,” they said.


Metallic finishes as a trend are not new, but the spring take on them is. HGTV’s “updated metallics” include copper—a trend that’s “still going strong,” said HGTV.


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“The newest metallic pieces feature a mix of color and shimmer: Think sparkling, natural pieces inspired by watercolors.”

 Citrus Hues

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your space for spring is to infuse it with citrus. Citrus color, that is.

“Add bursts of bright color, energetic patterns, and lively springtime motifs to your home to effortlessly transition it into spring,” said Better Homes and Gardens. Like this orange-hued floral wallpaper.


But remember to use an easy hand. Too much citrus and you could end up with a lemon of a room. Or one that is better suited for a circus.


Bright yellow, orange and lime a little too much for you? Go with romantic pastels, another trend for spring, said HGTV, and one that allows opportunities for a muted palette with pops of color. “Combine soft greens and pinks with bold accents to create a traditional living room with a little bit of an edge,” they said. Or simply opt for soft pinks, turquoises and sky blues.

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Which spring redecorating trend will you try?