There’s a reason videos of a Doberman sliding down a waterslide and a feline named Grumpy Cat are social media sensations—our nation is one hundred percent, completely, unreservedly in love with our pets. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a mischievous cat, a sweeter-than-sweet pit bull or a potbelly pig, we just can’t get enough of our furry bundles. And with National Pet Week starting on Sunday, May 4, it’s time to celebrate that bond and honor them for juggling their roles as BFFs-confidantes-comedians-and-loves with such effortless grace.

How should you honor them? We suggest extra belly rubs, additional cuddles and a doggy bag from your neighborhood steakhouse to start. Then, if you want to do something extra special, a gift is always a winning idea. And if your furry child happens to be of the canine persuasion—oh boy, do we have the gift idea for you: a new doghouse! Oh no, get Snoopy’s little red hut out of your head. We’re talking about a genuine, true-blue, designer-inspired manor for your four-legged compatriot. Yes, he’ll still want to sleep in your bed, but for those rare moments that he craves some “me” time, why shouldn’t he have his own pet palace? Take a gander at five outrageously cool doggy bungalows that are sure to get tails wagging.

1. Georgetown by La Petite Maison


La Petite Maison is the king of luxurious custom-built dog homes. The Georgetown (above) is a spacious, elegant example of their incredibly detailed design options. Prices: $4,000–$25,000+

2. Cubix Dog House

cubix dog houseIIHIH

For the dog with modern tastes, we present the stunning Bauhaus-esque Cubix Dog House. Choose from Small, Medium and Large sizes. Price: $,5,500–$6,000


3. The T-Pai Automatic Intelligent Dog House


This Euro-inspired double-decker dog-bus comes equipped with an auto feeder, auto toilet, games, temperature control and an interactive camera. If it could give snuggles as good as you, it would be perfect! Price: Not Yet Announced


4. Doghattan Townhouse


This indoor New York-style pet townhouse is perfect for the petite pup. The wooden structure can be made to order with plenty of windows and a timed light that comes on after dark. Price: $750.00


5. “Dog is a god” Dog Houses


Italian designer Marco Morosini literally puts dogs on a pedestal with his unbelievable line of doghouses (or more accurately: temples, thrones, and nomad mobile homes). Purchase info isn’t 100% clear, but take a moment to just gaze at these masterpieces. It’s worth your time.

How are you celebrating National Pet Week with your pet? Do any of these luxurious abodes catch your eye? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.