One of the punchiest color trends for spring and summer is fiery orange. The hot hue already made a huge impact on fashion runways, appearing everywhere from Costello Tagliapietra’s tangerine day dress to Christian Siriano’s floral takes to Monique Lhuiller’s ballgown treatment. But why orange?

Could it be that the Netflix sensation Orange is the New Black is causing this orange stir? Whatever the reason, we’re on board. Orange is the perfect color to welcome summer into your home and a great way to freshen up, enliven and brighten a space.

When it comes to thinking about your home’s décor, orange can be a bit daunting. Sure, if you go the wrong way it could evoke images of Halloween, construction zones and, of course, prison jumpsuits. But part of what makes it such an appealing color is its great range. You can choose a calming peach, an earthy pumpkin, a cheerful tangerine, an edgy amber or a chic coral.  Orange is also an appealing accent color if you just want to add a pop of color to a neutral space and, for a bolder look, compliments well with blues, reds/pinks and yellows.

Here are four ways to decorate with orange:

1. Orange Furniture

For a sophisticated look, try pairing a dark orange statement piece against a rich neutral background. For something more fun, think about a bright orange sofa coupled with another vibrant accent color, such as a turquoise vase.


2. Orange Accessories

If you’re not quite ready to commit to orange, this is an inexpensive way to test out the color in your home. And since they are smaller pieces you can mix and match with shades and textures to add dimension to your space.


3. Orange Paint

If you really want to go for it, paint your walls orange. This is a great color choice for a room that doesn’t get a lot of natural light. Benjamin Moore has a nice selection of oranges to choose from and Houzz is a phenomenal resource for finding paint colors. A search for orange paint yields wonderful results.


4. Orange Window Treatments

If orange walls are too much, perhaps a window treatment is the way to go.


As you sit back to start binge watching the second season (you know you want to), take a look around your house and think about how you can infuse a burst of orange. Or if you’d rather just live vicariously through others, check out our Pinterest board, “BYDH: Orange is the New Black.”

Orange is the New Black (seasons 1 and 2) is now available on Netflix.