Winter style has its time and place. Who doesn’t love living room décor filled with cozy blankets, a roaring fire and deep, warm hues? But as the sky brightens to a summer sheen and the flowers burst with fragrance, it only feels right to bring some of that radiance into your home. And if you go with a handful of elemental upgrades, you can easily transform the look without overhauling the entire room’s design. We’re not talking about exchanging your comfy couches for wicker love seats or stringing a hammock across the living room floor (although that could be awfully cool), we’re just suggesting a few subtle changes that will make you feel like your room has just taken a monumental breath of fresh air.

Take a look at five of our favorite ways to bring that summer lovin’ into your living room…and into your lifestyle.

1. Bring the Garden Inside


Nothing says summer more than bringing fresh, fragrant greenery inside. Single blossoms in bud vases on the windowsill, pink hydrangeas in a bowl on the side table, lilac blooms in a glass globe vase—sometimes these simple additions can make the most memorable statements.


2. Add Summery Accent Pieces

Waterscape Vases

Throw pillows like this adorable Poppy Trio design bring summer color and fun to your living room with zero effort. Throw in other great accent pieces like the Pacific Coast Sea Glass Table Lamp and Waterscape Vases and your living room will definitely have that summer glow.


3. Tie Summer In Through Wall Art



Surrounding yourself with light, buoyant wall art is a perfect way to add a touch of summer to any room. Purchase (or frame your own) framed pressed flowers or an awe-inspiring Clark Little print of the ocean waves to easily bring the pristine beauty of the outdoors in.


4. Usher In the Color


Neutrals are grand, but when you add a splash of color to a room filled with grays or earthtones…It’s like letting the sunshine in. All it takes is a playful rug or—if you’re feeling bold—an entire wall of color to take your living room to a whole new level of summer cool. Another unforgettable touch is to change up your window treatments with a bright shade or go even more creative with two-tone curtains.


5. Bring the Beach Home

Pottery Barn Lamp

The beach has such a peaceful atmosphere…why not incorporate some of that tranquility into your home? Add a beautiful Driftwood Floor Lamp, sand-filled vases with seashell tops or a lovely faux coral centerpiece for the coffee table. You’re feeling those beach vibes already, aren’t you?

Are you redecorating your living room this season? Let us know your favorite ways to bring summer into your design!