As we were cruising through California’s most beautiful homes on, we came across a rooftop deck in Dana Point that left us with a chronic, incurable case of Envyitis. And honestly, we couldn’t rest until we spread that Green Monster around: 31 Beach View Avenue—remember that address. You can’t miss it: a brand-new estate at the ultra-luxurious “The Strand at Headlands” beachfront development. The home-style is contemporary Cape Cod, the home-view is oceanfront fabulous and the rooftop deck is “pinch-me-I-think-I’m-dreaming” awesome.

Considering that award-winning Robert D. McCarthy of RDM General Contractors built the entire, breathtaking estate; it’s no surprise that the deck completely stopped us in our tracks. With spectacular panoramic ocean views (seriously, they’re postcard-perfection), the deck is expansive and functional, yet sleekly beautiful in its form—and yes, we want one of our very own. Now, please.

But it’s not just this deck in particular that knocks our socks off—it’s the whole brilliant concept of a rooftop sanctuary that really inspires us for summer. It’s the perfect place to lounge in the sun during day…and a place to settle in with friends on a cool summer night. It’s where your views are unencumbered by your neighbors’ fences or city traffic…a place that feels endless because you’re on top of the world (so to speak)…a space where you truly feel like you’re connected to your surroundings. And it doesn’t actually matter if you have a massive rooftop space to work with or just a corner garden—it’s all about the open-air magic and transforming the space you have into a retreat you’ll love. Houzz ideabooks show you how simple elements like a water feature and modern café seating on a rooftop deck can serve as a makeshift outdoor dining room once you add a wood frame arboretum and hanging chandelier. Elle Decor also offers some tips for transforming your space in the sky into “a slice of heaven.”

The whole idea behind a rooftop deck is to have a space to escape from the confines of your walls or the buzz of the city. A space that rises up toward the clouds but is just atop your roof. And if that space happens to be as glorious as this beach view estate in Dana Point—than you just may be our next object of envy.

Do you have a rooftop deck? How did you personalize your space? Let us know!