Fall is all about warm and cozy. Scarves and boots. Multicolored leaves and cool breezes. And hearty food and heartier appetites. As Huffington Post puts it, “Guys, fall totally wins when it comes to food—and its victory can be measured in butter and cheese.

They’re not wrong. Something about not sweating every time we step outside makes us want to buy some new all-clad cookware and whip up a stew, and a soup and a gratin, and something with an apple. Or maybe even a pear.

In the spirit of elastic waistbands everywhere, here are our favorite new fall recipes.

Roasted fennel and butternut squash soup

Nothing warms the soul like a good bowl of soup, and this one does the trick and then some. We’re suckers for butternut squash soup in almost every variety, but something about the licorice-y addition of fennel and the roasting makes this so good it’s jumping to the head of our butternut squash soup recipe file. Super extra bonus: it’s gluten free.

Beef stew with red wine sauce

Frankly, they had us with the title of “cooking with wine,” but it’s the description of this recipe for beef stew that got excited. Food and Wine points out that chef Jacques Pépin “doesn’t use stock, demiglace or even water in his stew, relying on robust red wine for the deep-flavored sauce,” and, well, we’re in.

Cauliflower and brussels sprout gratin with pine nut-breadcrumb topping

We dare you to serve this Epicurious recipe to a kid who doesn’t think they like brussels sprouts or cauliflower. Perhaps the 2 3/4 cups of heavy whipping cream and three cups of grated parmesan cheese will help. So maybe it’s not the healthiest choice in the world. But if fall is about tasty and hearty, this one is a winner.

Cumin-scented eggplant with pomegranate and cilantro

Here’s a tasty way to get your veggies in and look like a big deal chef. This low-fat Mediterranean-flavored dish will have worldly aromas wafting through your home, and will make your vegetarian and weight-watching friends happy as well.

Winter salad

The leaves on the trees outside may be turning orange and yellow, but the ones on your plate are gloriously green and also unbelievably tasty (plus you’re going to want something fresh and light to offset everything else you’re devouring this fall). Be e rebel and try the winter salad from Epicurious in fall. It pairs kale with orange supremes, pumpkin seeds, honey and ricotta cheese.

Pumpkin brulee pie

Face it. You’re not going to get through the next three months without intimate contact with a pumpkin pie. So make an exceptional one. This version from Saveur has maple syrup woven into it, but, honestly, it’s what’s on top that gets us. Frankly, there just aren’t many things we wouldn’t eat with a bruleed topping.

Apple cake with toffee crust

With a stick of butter, a 1/4 cup of heavy cream, and a cup of light brown sugar, it’s hard to go wrong. But add some caramelized apples and then a toffee sauce with brandy and, oh year. We’re all putty-like for this fancy fall cake from Food and Wine. Extra toffee sauce on our please.

A little something to drink

You’ve got the fireplace to toast your toes, some heart meals to warm your belly, but what about the rest of you? Take Esquire’s cue and partake of one of the 15 best whiskey cocktails for fall (we’ll take a Millionaire please. No judgments.).