Halloween may deliver a few good BOOOOS and oodles of candy for the young ones in our lives—but when it comes to memorable celebrations, it’s the grownups that get to have the real fun. Because we have the means, imagination and flair to celebrate All Hallows Eve with divinely devilish style—especially when it comes to décor.

To help you make your Halloween design more fashion-forward and less kitschy-keen, we scoured the planet for the most wicked style ideas—and boy, did we find some good ones. So get ready to put some haute in your haunt, ghouls and ghoulettes, because this October 31, the skeletons in your closet are going for vogue.

1. Set a Fashionably Spooky Table


You don’t need your dining table to look like something out of a horror movie to give it Halloween flavor—it’s all about carefully managing the details. Choose fall colors with splashes of deep black mixed in. Hanging decorations like the black pouf ball (seen in the photo below) brings drama, while tabletop details like black crows, painted-black gourds and just the right combination of flowers beautifully completes the simple, elegant macabre style.

2. Have the Velvet Touch

Velvet Pumpkins

There’s nothing more elegant or more gothic than velvet—which perfectly suits any Halloween theme. Velvet pumpkins are unexpected and wonderfully chic accessories for upscale soirées, or add drama to seating areas with gothic burgundy damask velvet pillows.

3. Welcome with Unexpected Adornments

Feather Wreath Etsy

Your first Halloween statement is on your front door, so make it scarilicious! A lavish feather wreath sets the right tone of haunting sophistication or get seriously spooky with twisted wooden vines, dried flowers and a mix of eerie antique accessories to have guests good and creeped out before they even open your door.  Other added adornments to add to the wreath or along the doorway are feather bats or more of those aforementioned black crows to add atmosphere to your lair.

4. Trick or Treat Your Entrance


From the moment guests arrive, they should have a sense of what’s to come! Line your driveway with groups of gold, silver and black pumpkins—or go a little more country-chic with bales of hay topped with plump orange pumpkins and bright, colorful fall flowers.

5. Make Lighting a Priority

Bottle of Boos

The right atmosphere means the right lighting—and Halloween décor works best in warm, muted light. Think flickering candles, paper lanterns, or a creative fixture like a vintage birdcage chandelier.  And yes, this is also where you could get away with a little kitsch like Party City’s ghost lantern lights—super cute for indoor or outdoor spaces. If you have overnight guests visiting, you could also adorn their bedside table with these adorable Bottle of Boos nightlights from Etsy.

Are you making your Halloween a stylish one? Let us know your favorite ways to decorate for the spookiest of holidays.