Fall and pumpkins—they go hand in hand. We carve them, bake their seeds, illuminate them with candles and use them as centerpieces. And you know what else we do? We transform them into culinary works of deliciousness. Yes, we make pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins and even pumpkin pancakes that are warm, spicy and wonderfully seasonal—but that’s not the cooking magic we’re thinking of at the moment. Today, we’re imagining pumpkin feasts that will have your guests asking for the recipe before they even take a second bite. Gourd goodness that becomes your signature treat each and every Halloween eve from this moment forward. The picture’s getting clearer,right? The scents, the taste, the creaminess, the decadence…yes, you’re ready to start cooking. Get ready for savory, folks because here are 5 of the best darn pumpkin recipes you’ve ever tried:

1. Pumpkin Soup
From the Pioneer Woman


Pumpkin soup has to be one of the most welcoming, creamy, dreamy first courses ever served in the history of eating. Yes, it’s that’s good. Roasted pumpkin, heavy cream, maple syrup, stock and nutmeg are the core ingredients and when they come together…you’ll be speechless. *Serve them in hollowed-out mini pumpkins for extra oooohs and ahhhhhs at the dinner table.


2. Pumpkin Stuffed with Vegetable Stew
From Gourmet/Ruth Cousineau 


This vegetable stew is another major winner, especially if you have vegans/vegetarians at the table. Root vegetables, pumpkin, peppers, chanterelle mushrooms, optional seitan (or other faux-meat)—all in a delectable wine sauce, served in a giant pumpkin. Need we say more?


3. Slow-Rising Pumpkin-Thyme Dinner Rolls
From the L.A. Times


In the carb-conscious world we live in, dinner rolls are too often kicked to the side. But these insanely good slow-rising pumpkin rolls are worth 20 extra minutes of cardio in the morning. The outside is crisp, inside tender and the texture: pure melt-in-your-mouth perfection.


4. Pumpkin and Goat Cheese Risotto
From Food Network/Giada De Laurentiis 


Whether you serve this in individual pumpkins or a bowl, the reaction will be the same “Seconds Please!” It’s that’s good. But consider the ingredients: canned pumpkin, Arborio rice, leeks, applewood bacon, goat cheese, fresh parmesan, white wine…. you can’t go wrong with that winning combination.


5. Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good
From Martha Stewart/“Around My French Table” cookbook by Dorie Greenspan

Everything good

Now, this recipe would be the anti-vegan stuffed pumpkin, with a giant pumpkin filled with … well everything carnivore foodies dream about. It’s a rich, creamy concoction of Gruyere, Emmenthal and Cheddar Cheese, bacon, heavy cream, stale bread and spices. Did we mention it’s rich? But oooh so delicious.

Do you have a favorite savory pumpkin recipe? Share it in the comments section below!