No matter how gorgeous your granite kitchen counters may be or how divinely your marble-floored entryway may shimmer, no home design is complete without the glow of proper lighting. One of the most on-trend lighting options in interior design today is Pendant Lighting. Open up any home-design magazine and you’ll be sure to catch a glimpse of the three hanging glass globes above the kitchen island or a lovely flower petal fixture dangling from a cord in the foyer—and there’s a reason for that: pendant lights are the crowning finish to any room in your home. Unlike bulky, heavy chandeliers that are limited in their presentation, pendants can achieve a variety of looks from minimalist modern to ornate and artistic, adding considerable character to your space. Are you ready to shed some pendant lighting on your home design? Then let’s figure out which pendant light style is right for you!

Determine Your Room’s Style

Wine Barrel

Pendant lights are wonderfully versatile with countless designs available to suit your room’s motif. A country French kitchen might do well with Pottery Barn’s rustic 5-Jar Pendant while a mid-century look might benefit from the Lite Source Dark Bronze Geometric Pendant. If you want something that starts a conversation, there are plenty of unique options out there like this rustic Wine Barrel Pendant from Pottery Barn.


What Materials Do You Like?


One of the great advantages of pendant lights over chandeliers is the great array of materials and finishes available. Just some of the materials used are glass, plastic, metals, wood, silk and linen—and it really depends on your taste, needs and budget constraints. For example, plastic is often the most inexpensive option. While it may not be long lasting, the designs can be fun and whimsical like this adorable Infinity Puzzle Light, available on Amazon. Materials such as glass are often more durable and can also be wonderfully intricate like this playful Droplet Glass fixture from West Elm.


Are You Seeking a Statement Piece?


Pendant lights can either blend subtly into your décor or make a statement like a glowing room centerpiece—it all depends on what you’re after. For example, cloth pendant lights like this Cream Fabric Drum from Lamp’s Plus has a classic, warm style that would suit a variety of rooms, from kitchen to living room. On the other hand, this dandelion-inspired Possini Euro Felicity pendant deserves a spotlight-space with its airy, sparkling design.  Another interesting choice is West Elm’s tranquil Bentwood Pendants, made of bentwood with a warm acorn finish.


What Size Do You Need?


Pendants are available as single large pendants, small pendants that can be grouped together or small multi-unit pendants with anywhere from 3 to 20 small fixtures attached to the same base. Large pendant lights work well above a dining table, hanging artfully next to a living room sofa or in the entryway. Smaller pendants can be lined up as an alternative to track lighting or set up as task lighting over workspaces in a home office. And multi-unit pendants can serve a variety of purposes, but tend to fit nicely over dining areas and kitchen islands.

There’s a multitude of options available that can transform any room of your home with just the right flicker of style. Start browsing today and find the light that dazzles your inner-designer.

Are you ready to indulge your décor with some chic pendant lighting? Let us know your favorite designs and uses for this great lighting option.