An autumn floral arrangement. The “good” crystal candlesticks. Yes, traditional Thanksgiving centerpieces haven’t typically veered too far from the norm, much like the food itself. This year, inject some interest into the center of your table with ideas that celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving in an exciting new way.

New Twist on the Bouquet

Modern takes on floral centerpieces include bold colors that complement the menu. “Let your ingredients inspire you: Cold-weather foods are typically in the jewel tones, such as cranberries and sweet potatoes,” said Elle Decor.

“Choose flowers that are available year-round in this jewel palette, like the dark red roses, anthurium, and brown and green orchids seen here.

Displaying flowers

Forget placing your flowers straight into a vase. Bold flowers deserve a bold display, like a pumpkin. This winter squash makes the ideal vessel for showcasing your floral flair.  If you love the idea of using the pumpkin  but want something a little different, try making a pumpkin basket.

One More Take on the Pumpkin

Instead of using the pumpkin to hold something, create a scene-stealer with a gathering of metallic sprayed versions. Not only does this allow you to make use of several pumpkins in different sizes, which creates visual interest, but also allows you to incorporate the metallic trend into your table décor.

Fall Bounty

An assortment of fall veggies and fruits may not seem like an interesting concept, but when they include artichokes and pomegranates, you have the beginning of a unique centerpiece. Carve out some of them and insert candles for a festive offering. Also consider adding purple or Napa cabbage and curly lettuce, which will bring in additional texture.

You can also focus solely on the cranberry for a striking presentation. Glue cranberries around a few craft store styrofoam balls and set them on top of candlesticks on a tray. Scatter a few more cranberries on the tray and you have created a festive, memorable centerpiece.

All About the Candles

Encased by corn cobs, shining through mason jars, arranged in a variety of sizes and heights—there are countless ways to display candles as your centerpiece. Elle Décor suggests keeping centerpieces low to help keep conversations flowing around the table.

“Instead of tall candlesticks or an overbearing candelabra, set the mood with about 12 to 16 scattered tea lights or votives, depending on the size of your table,” they said. “Use candles with glass holders so you don’t have an open flame. When choosing the candles, select several in one color with no scent, so they don’t interfere with the smells and tastes of the food.”

If you are set on going tall with your centerpiece, use hurricanes. The clear glass will keep the eyes moving and the pedestal helps create an elegant feel. Fill them with cranberries or acorns–or both—and set a pillar candle on top.

Guest Participation

Form your centerpiece organically using the inspiration of your guests. Tuck a small card into each person’s silverware setting and ask them to write what they are thankful for as they sit down to dinner. Then place each card atop a gilded pinecone.

Think Tiers

A tiered cake stand creates the perfect foundation for a show-stopping centerpiece. Take your favorite autumnal items—berry branches, acorns, nuts, baby artichokes, glittery pumpkins—and create a classic centerpiece with a twist on a tiered cake stand. On the top: a tray of sparkling tea lights to give the room a warm glow.

Or, fill the whole thing with candlelight—the flameless kind for safety—weaving in twisty branches for a natural, rustic look or dotting the open spaces with cranberries for a colorful punch.