When red and green come together, the word “jolly” instantly pops to mind. That’s the fault of Santa, boughs of holly and every department store Christmas display in the country—we’re easily impressionable after a lifetime of Christmas décor conditioning. But the truth is, red and green can be much more than holiday color schemes. When done right, the unison of those two hues can result in amazing room designs. In case you needed some convincing, we scoured the design pages in search of the best red and green spaces—and we found some great ones. Take a look and find your décor inspiration right in time for the holidays.

These three rooms featured in Houzz are fantastic examples of how different shades of red and green can produce amazing designs.

Welcoming Kitchen

The combination of sage green and deep wine-red creates a chic, warm kitchen space, demonstrating that the two colors together are incredibly versatile.

Warm red & greens

Playful Playroom

In this setting, the pale green and cherry red create a vibrant playful area that invites laughter and fun. Neither color is overpowering, but instead, blended perfectly.

Houzz Playroom

Funky Living Space

Red and green don’t have to be the sole stars to make an impact and this eclectic living room design proves it. With different shades of green setting the stage, a red ottoman, red pillows, and red-trimmed leopard chair give just the right amount of spice to the funk.

Houzz 2

Bringing these colors into your home doesn’t necessarily need to be an all or nothing proposition, though. It’s easy to incorporate the two without overhauling your entire design. In bedrooms, a red and green apple comforter can add a funky pop of color to an otherwise neutral scheme. For living rooms, lay down a pistachio green rug and complement with a bright red side table, matching-hued accent chair or pillows for a contemporary, clean look.

From vases of red flowers on a vintage green cocktail table to an abstract red poppy painting, there are endless ways to bring these beautiful colors into your home without setting off visions of sugar plums and mistletoe.

Are you a fan of this holiday-inspired color scheme? What’s your favorite way to incorporate red and green into your design? Let us know!