The design world is such a wonderfully fickle friend — one minute chevron patterns are running the world, and the next, that retro zigzag is shipped off to the land of has-been trends. For the moment, anyway. Interior design, like fashion is always evolving and what’s “out” one year, is likely to return after a few well-worn decades. However, we can’t gaze into a crystal ball and discover whether or not that “Keep Calm & Carry On” sign is going to make a comeback in 2035 or if toilet tank covers and their matching accessories will ever dominate powder room designs (stranger things have happened!). What we can do is immerse ourselves in the now, and discover what the powers-that-be predict for this year’s hottest (and nottest) trends. 

What’s IN and what’s OUT? Read on, Designeristas!


Marsala & More

We’re going to see a whole lot of “Marsala” this year from fashion to decor. As the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year, this reddish clay color is deep, bold and richly beautiful and most importantly, it complements a number of other “it” colors, including the array of navy and indigo blues that will also be everywhere this year.

Crazy Stripes

According to Elle Décor, the latest pattern to make a splash is quirky stripes. Stripes of all widths and sizes, color schemes from bold to demure and patterns that may leave you dizzy — this is a fun eye-popping trend for coffee tables, rugs and more.

Gold (or any Metallic)

Gold, coppers and bronze are on-trend in a big way this year, especially in kitchens. Gold sinks and gold pendant lights create a decadent, stunning look, while creating a metallic mix is still unmistakably chic.

Painterly” Rugs

The newest trend in floor coverings is rugs that resemble paintings. The design can range from the classic style of Monet to an abstract modern design such as this colorful rug seen on Houzz, which is taken from an original oil by painter Amber Ja’Ski Watkins. As a recent Wall Street Journal article points out, these rugs are “true art pieces.”


Let go of every misconception you have about wallpaper because it’s back, especially in the kitchen and bathroom spaces. A recent Forbes article puts the trend in perfect perspective — “Wallpaper provides an easy way to add visual impact, even in small amounts” and it helps you beautifully contrast “an otherwise simple color palette.” Thanks to the boom in popularity, there are countless options from colorful patterns and charming graphics to muted designs and floral elements.



Chevron Prints

It seemed that the chevron pattern was seen on everything from comforters to doggy beds last year, and it wasn’t your imagination. As Apartment Therapy pointed out, when a design becomes a mouthwash bottle (Listerine released a chevron bottle design for Target), you can be pretty sure that trend is over.

Inspirational Phrases

No one is saying you can’t leave that “Live, Laugh, Love” sign in your kitchen or that you have to retire that cute little napkin holder that says “EAT” — but if you’re a true design hound you’ll want to know: Experts say the whole phrase-trend is dead. So you can still say them! Just don’t decorate with ’em.

The Ombre Look

When it came to 2014, the Ombre (aka dip dying/shading colors into one another) was definitely at the forefront of design. From hair to bedding to drapery, the effect was everywhere you looked. In 2015, expect to see the Ombre trend face a gradual fade of its own.

Granite Countertops

While granite will never actually be out of style, Quartz Countertops is all the rage this year. The beauty of Silestone and Caesarstone quartz lies in their incredible durability — yes, they look and feel like stone, but there’s no sealing needed and they’re wonderfully long-lasting.

Stainless Steel Appliances

This has been the conundrum for designers for a couple of years now — stainless steel, hot or not? In 2015, the resounding answer is not. People are tired of the endless maintenance that tags along with this appliance design, namely fingerprints and endless smudges. Dirty never looks chic.


What new trends are you ready to try in your home? Which “out” trends are you happiest to see go? Let us know!