Last night’s season 5 premiere of Britain’s hit TV show, Downton Abbey, has us dreaming of the drama and wit of an era long past.  After all, the series is one gigantic white-gloved, black-tailed aristocratic fantasy when maids wore white caps and butlers polished silver in livery while bejeweled ladies and well-postured gentleman lived a life of leisure on a 5,000-acre country estate built in 1679—nearly a 100 years before the United States was even born.

Here in the U.S., most of our residential structures don’t carry the historical allure that places like Highclere Castle (aka: the Downton Abbey home) hold. But a lack of deep historical connections certainly doesn’t stop us from creating structures that echo Downton’s grandeur, elegance and style.


534 Barnaby Road in Los Angeles’ Bel Air neighborhood is one such structure.


One glance at this breathtaking estate with its regal architecture, meticulous detailing and gorgeous refinements would surpass even the weighty standards of Dowager Countess of Grantham herself—yes, it’s that spectacular.


Built in 2002, you’ll find this Mediterranean-styled home sweeping across 1.6 beautiful acres overlooking the Bel Air Country Club. The 18,316 square-foot interior features eight-bedrooms, 11 baths, including a “Children’s Wing” with three bedroom/bath suites. Details such as the home’s sweeping staircase in the main hall, stone floors, rich woods, soaring ceilings and a 3,000 square-foot master suite unite to create a distinctive masterpiece that sets its own standards of luxury living.


The price is $22,500,000.

If you’re not currently in the market for this manner of decadence, you could opt instead to incorporate some Downton style into your own home.

  1. Add gold metallic paint to lamp bases, picture frames and even wooden furniture to add that Downton glamour to your living room.
  2. You could also adorn your living room couch or bed with rich velvet throw pillows in jewel tones and add candlelight fixtures to side tables and your dining area.
  3. Bringing in deep woods are another sure-fire Edwardian décor trick—finish wood floors in a rich, dark mahogany or choose a dramatic wooden armoire for your bedroom suite.
  4. One last easy element to add are traditional oriental rugs to give glamour and warmth to living rooms, foyers, bedrooms and dining areas.

Are you a fan of Downton Abbey or post-Edwardian era formality? Let us know your favorite ways to add this historical charm to your home décor!