Sacramento has earned the number two spot on Forbes list of happiest cities to work, beating out Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles to name a few.

Forbes used statistics from a career site known as CareerBliss to determine which cities are conducive to happy work environments and which have their workers feeling the Monday blues.

To determine the happiest and unhappiest cities to work in, Forbes looked at eight key factors that can potentially influence an employee’s overall contentment including “work-life balance, an employee’s relationships with his or her boss and co-workers, general work environment, compensation, opportunities for advancement, company culture, and resources.”

According to Heidi Golledge, CEO and co-founder of CareerBliss, there’s more to a happy work environment than meets the eye: “Where you live can definitely impact your overall happiness and even your perceived happiness in your career. If the majority of companies in a city foster a work environment that encourages career growth and time to enjoy a lifestyle outside of work, there is a very high chance that employees in that city are going to be happier with their jobs then in cities with work cultures who have less work life balance and career growth.”

So besides it’s popular work environment, what else makes Sacramento home to some of the happiest employees around?

Here are a few of our favorite things that make the city of trees a great place to work and live:

  • It’s slower paced: Take a deep breath and enjoy the workday. In Sacramento, you can live in the city without the “fast-paced” environment that usually follows. Maybe that means enjoying a coffee and pastry before work at a local cafe without the morning rush or driving to the office without constantly having to worry about whether or not you’ll find a parking spot.
  • You can be one with nature: Sacramento is teeming with recreational opportunities—with its acres of parks, miles of bike paths and river access along the American River Trail—Sacramento has it all!
  • Get a bang for your buck: The cost of living in Sacramento is very reasonable compared to other cities in Northern California, which means less financial stress, growing bank accounts and happier residents!
  • A great place to explore: Sacramento is a great place to explore new restaurants on the river, downtown bars, museums, local shops and more! Residents living in the heart of Sacramento can enjoy the historically rich old-town area as well as the modern and growing downtown area, giving them the best of both worlds.
  • Ideal location— Sacramento’s location caters perfectly to residents that enjoy weekend getaways, with Tahoe, San Francisco, Napa and Yosemite all at the city’s fingertips.
  • Great place to raise a family—Last but certainly not least, Sacramento is a great place to raise the little ones with its top ranked schools, charming suburbs, immersive recreational opportunities and booming downtown area.

Whether happiness means enjoying a walk with your furry friend at the park, taking in a beautiful sunset at the river, or enjoying a peaceful breakfast at a local café before work— Sacramento is a special place to call home.