For over 108 years, Coldwell Banker has helped people find home, and now our focus extends to man’s best friend. We have teamed up with, North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website, to help adoptable pets find a place to call home.

This partnership developed after seven rescue dogs were featured in the 2015 Coldwell Banker TV spot, Home’s Best Friend.



Now our newest project, Homes for Dogs focuses on finding homes for 20,000 dogs in 2015 and raising awareness about pet adoption.

Adopt-A-pet takes potential new parents through the entire adoption process—from providing the tools to select a breed and personality that best fits your lifestyle and searching available dogs based on your location and criteria, to prepping your house for your four-legged friend’s arrival.

What are the advantages of adopting over buying? Adoption is generally more affordable than buying direct from a breeder and you can avoid upfront medical bills since all dogs visit the veterinarian and get their shots before leaving the shelter.

Additionally, since most of the available dogs come from a home, they are usually already housetrained and socialized to interact well with kids and other pets.


If you are a dog lover, we encourage you to make a difference in the lives of these homeless animals and get involved. Even if you are not looking to adopt, you can still help these animals find families by volunteering at a local shelter, social “PETworking” on Twitter and Facebook, featuring profiles on your personal or business website, or making a small donation to the site.

Help us meet our goal of finding homes for our furry friends, and track successful adoptions by visiting

For more information about buying, selling or living at home with a dog, and to learn more about the Homes for Dogs Project, visit