The month of March marks National Craft Month, created to bring people together, along with their shared ideas of innovative craft projects to be enjoyed across all ages and gender. In recognition of this unique month-long holiday, our craft-crawlers have come across a really cool and ‘green’ project that can be incorporated into your home’s interior decor or featured in your backyard garden.

The DIY Succulent Pallet Table, created by the people at Far Out Flora, is not only innovative and crafty, but it also resides in the near-and-dear to our environmental hearts. It meets our 3 R’s: reuse, reduce, recycle! Let’s begin with the components and tools you’ll need to complete this scrumptious and delightful dining table.

The Pallet

The key here is to be sure you have a few pallets to work from. Breaking the pallet apart can be quite challenging, but with perseverance you can obtain the number of planks you need for the table top.


The Tools, Pieces & Parts

In addition to the pallet you will need 4 table legs, a piece of plywood, and four 2 x 4’s (also from the pallet) for the table frame. A sundry of drills, saws, screws, levels and brackets: a pretty straightforward list of tools for the average DIYr!


Putting it Together

The table top was made in three sections. Flat pallet boards on the right and on the left. The center was section was built (all from the pallet) as a separate planting box to house the succulents. A word of advice, consider waterproofing the center section if you plan on using the table indoors, otherwise drill a few holes directly into the wood for drainage. A fast draining cactus mix works well in the center box for any succulent you choose to display!


The Succulents

Choose your favorites! Mix and match, anything goes…this is where you can get colorfully creative. Featured in Far Out Flora’s project are Sempervivum, Sedum, and a few Orostachys iwarenge.


The Finished Project

A worthy weekend DIY project to celebrate a month of crafting…don’t you agree? And what a great addition to your home and garden. We’d love to see your version of the DIY Pallet Succulent Table by Far Out Flora!


All photos courtesy of Far Out Flora.