Our homes shape the person we become. This is the premise of Coldwell Banker’s newest commercial, “Catch,” which tells the story of how a simple game of catch is passed down from one generation to another. The ad ends with the line, “Just two people, a ball and a backyard. And the comfort of home.”

For me, the comfort of home means jasmine wafting in from outside and freshly cut roses in the living room. I didn’t realize this until recently, however.

I live in an urban setting and the only outdoor space I have to call my own is a concrete balcony. Prior to last year, I was famous for killing cacti and the only plant I had ever successfully cared for was a silk orchid.

This was in stark contrast to my childhood home and my mother’s green thumb. Growing up we had beautiful gardens that my mom loyally tended to, a skill and a passion passed down to her from my grandfather. Often I’d come home from school and call out her name only to find her outside hunched over amongst the roses, a large hat keeping the sun off her face, gloves protecting her from the thorns and dirt everywhere.

We had roses in both the front and back yards. When I got older, my brothers joked that the ones planted in front of my bedroom were put there to keep me from sneaking out at night (it didn’t work). Flanking the roses outside my window were two huge jasmine bushes that gave off the most fragrant smell. On warm days I’d throw open the windows and let the sweet aroma fill my room.

Last year my family went through the inevitable and undesirable process of selling our family home. My parents were retiring and it was time to say goodbye to the house that held so many memories. Over thirty years of breaking piñatas in the front yard, picking blackberries in the backyard, barbecuing on the deck, gathering for family dinners in the kitchen and piling on the couch together in the living room.

Before the house was sold I knew I needed to do something to take a tangible piece with me. My mom suggested I take one of “papa’s roses.” At first I thought she was crazy, but then I realized that was exactly what I needed to do.

Together we dug up one of the rose bushes from the yard and transported it into a pot and onto my deck, along with two small jasmine bushes.

My mom showed me how to properly plant and care for the rose, but between ripping it out of its natural home, changing its environment and moving to a colder, wetter climate, this little rose bush had a slim chance of survival.

Or so I thought. Within a few weeks of arriving at its new home, on a day that happened to be my birthday, the rose sprouted open its first bud. Meanwhile, the jasmine came to life and began crawling up the balcony.

I had been living in this home for eight years, and it finally felt right. It now had the one thing it had been missing: the smell of jasmine coming through the window and freshly cut roses in the living room.

My first rose. July 2014.

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Catch” debuts on Monday, March 30, during ESPN’s Baseball Tonight. The commercial builds on the momentum that was created with the launch of “Home’s Best Friend” during the Academy Awards. Be sure to put down the DVR remote and “catch” the new ad while watching some of your favorite shows this spring like HGTV’s Property Brothers, Food Network’s Chopped, and AMC’s Mad Men.