In 2010, the Earth Day Network launched their campaign “A Billion Acts of Green” to inspire simple acts from individuals to larger corporate and organizational initiatives toward reducing carbon emissions and fostering sustainability. You too can be a part of the Earth Day movement in small, yet meaningful ways at home. We decided to collect some of our favorite sustainable DIY projects and we nearly stopped in our tracks when we spotted these four thoughtful do-it-yourself flooring projects. They are not only low cost, but inspiringly “green.” They will be like everyday reminders of your choice to lower your footprint and walk on the sustainable side…

1. Brown Paper Bag Flooring

Photo courtesy of Domestic Imperfection

Remember those decoupage days, tearing random prices of paper and gluing them down to create art? Well, take all of that creativity with your everyday paper bags and channel into your new flooring, as this innovative blogger did. Be sure to research green floor finishing products such as Green PolyurethaneTM for the final step.

2. Bottle Cap Floor 


Mother Earth Living gave us this idea! Collect your old soda or beer bottle caps to create your own tile mosaic floor. Using a layer of thin-set mortar, place the caps at random or come up with your own design pattern. Allow the caps to set and the mortar to dry then fill in with grout and a sealer. We’re thinking they’d be perfect for a playroom, kitchen or man cave bathroom.

3. Penny Ante Flooring 

Photo courtesy of Decoist

Not sure what to do with that nagging penny collection taking up space in your closet?  Take Decoist’s advice and “invest” them back into your home—by using them as flooring! For sure, it will be a project of patience, but the end result will be quite impressive. It takes about 200 pennies per square foot and is a meticulous process, as you can imagine. Installation involves using an environmentally friendly adhesive to glue them down to the sub straight in small areas and keeping them as close together as possible. If you aren’t up for that task, opt for smaller projects like tabletops, countertops and backsplashes. ‘A penny for your ideas?’

4. Wine Cork Flooring 

Photo Courtesy of Tiny House Design

Have you ever walked on a cork floor?  It feels comforting and warm…plus it provides a natural insulation to heat and cold with a tender touch on the foot and joints. It is not the cheapest option, which is why wine corks are such a great green alternative. (Plus, collecting them is the funnest part!) Reach out to your oenophiles to assist in cork collection (a guise for clinking a few glasses) or enlist your local wine bar in saving them for you. The rule of thumb here is about 72 corks per square foot, per Mother Earth Living. Lay them down lengthwise to form interesting patterns and designs, or cut off the tops to create a traditional mosaic look.

Got more DIY ideas for sustainable flooring?  We’d love to hear what you are doing!