As the Millennial Generation migrates away from their suburban upbringing and trending more toward an urban living, so go by the wayside the sprawling backyards filled with sparkling swimming pools and the endless variety of gardening options. Dense vertical residential towers are growing-up, right alongside this generation, with an inventiveness to curate green, living and breathing aesthetics and edibles on top of building roofs, walls, balconies and on the urban streets in cooperation with each other.

Innovation for urban gardens, from Life on the Balcony and other blogs, are proving abundant as we plow the internet for some of the most creative ways to enhance and cultivate the urban lifestyle culture. Get ready for some out-of-the-garden-box thinking!


The Pallet Garden

From Life on the Balcony, learn how to turn an ordinary wood pallet (you know the kind you find behind grocery stores) easily into a blossoming garden of succulents, edibles, like herbs or vegetables, or seasonal flowers simply for color! The list of supplies are simple: the pallet, landscape cloth, stapler, potting soil and plants! If you have the space, it can sit on the floor or, if space is your challenge, hang it on a wall!

Urban Garden Community 

Photo courtesy of Susan Lankford

Consider joining an urban gardens community or organization, such as Humane Smarts in San Diego. Even if you do have some space that can be allotted to a garden, maybe it’s just not enough for you! Or you long to be part of a community, reaping, sowing and sharing your garden’s contents with your neighbors.

Creative Containers

Plastoc pop bottle wall garden

The Urban Gardens blog offers a few, “Why didn’t I think of that myself?” garden container ideas including one from Plastic to Possibilities on Pinterest, using recycled plastic soda bottles suspended by wires covering a courtyard wall. Green and greener! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. From fabric shoe racks, mason jars, plumbing hardware, baskets to livestock troughs.

Are you an urban dweller and up against the rails looking for a way to get your hands in the dirt? We hope we have cultivated some inspiring ideas for you and welcome any innovations for urban gardens that you would like to share!