Most of us, if not all of us, can remember dressing up as our favorite superhero one time or another. But what was it about dressing from head-to-toe in that superhero gear that made us feel so invincible? Maybe it was the fact that we got to escape from our own realties for a short while and transform into something else. Or maybe it was the unexplainable feeling of pride that washed over us as we imagined battling villains and saving the city once again. Whatever the case, there’s no denying that superheroes have been a big part of our “mere mortal” lives growing up.

Sadly, most of us have now replaced our costumes, action figures and imaginations with grown up things like taxes, mortgage payments and a little thing called reality. But let’s pretend for a second that we still believe in superheroes and that they exist in the modern world. recently did a little investigating of their own to see how celebrity brokers would sell Iron Man’s infamous cliffside pad. And Coldwell Banker Independent Sales Associate Roh Habibi, star of the upcoming Million Dollar Listing San Francisco, had some great advice on how he would sell the place. While Roh talked about marketing “the house from Earth all the way to outer space” and the nitty-gritty details that superheroes like Spider-Man and Hulk would need in a home, it got us thinking about the perfect California cities for some of our favorite superheroes to call home.

So hold on to that imagination just a little longer as we take you through the everyday lives of five superheroes when they’re not off fighting crime in the city or saving the world from peril and destruction.


In a city where “the sky’s the limit” (quite literally), San Francisco is an ideal place for a superhero to call home. And with its skyscraper buildings to climb and swing from, vibrant city life and plenty of freelance opportunities at publishing companies—this city is a perfect match for none other than Spider-Man. But when he’s not fighting crime or saving the city with his “spidey” powers, Spider-Man can be found capturing photos of San Francisco landmarks including Twin Peaks and Coit Tower or cozying up to a nice book in his super chic pad.


Iron Man

While the Iron Man house was digitally created, it’s clear Tony Stark has a penchant for glass-walled seaside mansions, like this architectural masterpiece in Malibu. But, with his quick thinking, intelligence and overall “techy-ness,” wouldn’t Iron Man feel right at home in Silicon Valley where he can use his wealth and intelligence to make the world a safer place? Of course his Silicon Valley home would be stalked with all of the latest smart home essentials, including smart security to keep Doctor Doom and Mandarin out, a Nest thermostat to keep the home at an energy-efficient temperature, and smart entertainment like N’FINITY PRO DX Dual Zone Wine Cellars and the Vizio Smart TV to entertain his other billionaire friends and funders during his lavish Silicon Valley parties.



Famous for its A-List stars, Hollywood parties and non-stop action, Los Angeles is a great destination for a lively and fearless super hero like Daredevil. Working as stuntman for famous actors like Jason Statham and Bruce Willis in his free time, Daredevil is perfectly content letting the stars have the spotlight. His pad is tucked away in beautiful Beverly Hills, where he enjoys perfecting his martial arts in his backyard and going for relaxing swims in his 70-foot saltwater in ground infinity pool.


Captain America

Not venturing far from California state legislation, Captain America spends his weekdays lobbying at the state capital in Sacramento and his nights fighting urban crime with his incredible strength, speed and endurance. This modest-yet-luxurious brick Sacramento home has an “all-American” feel and makes the perfect retreat after a long day of lobbying and fighting crime. In his free time, Captain America likes to swim and hang out by his pool. He can also be found boating along the Sacramento River with friends and family.



It’s no surprise that Storm resides in Tahoe, due to her love of controlling and changing the weather. And while she’s currently hiding out with her children in her plush Tahoe City pad, we’re hoping that she makes a reappearance next year and brings us some much needed snow and water.


Any superhero fans out there? Tell us which super heroes you think should live in California in the comments section below.

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