Our dogs are more than just pets, they are part of our family—hence the term “fur baby.” We don’t want our pups to just be healthy, we also want them to know they are loved and cherished. What better way to do that, than with a little pampering? Dedicated to celebrating the more than 200 millions pets that enrich our lives every day, National Pet Week, May 3-9, is your perfect opportunity to give back to your canine companion.

While pampering implies a certain amount of luxury, when it comes to showering your dog with affection a little goes a long way. From extravagant places to lay their paws to the hottest new toy, here are eight ways to pamper your pooch.


Samsung’s Dream Doghouse
Samsung raised the bar with their $30,000 prototype which was recently released at a British dog show and includes an Astroturf treadmill, automated feeder, hydrotherapy pool, and of course, a tablet for your pups viewing pleasure.



Mealtime Reinvented
Make your furry friend feel at home, like this thrifty DIYer, by turning some old kitchen chairs into adorable doggy feeders, not to mention chic home décor.

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The Only Stiletto They Can Slobber
Let your pup channel their inner diva/divo with this adorable Manalo Barknik Shoe Toy from Muttropolis.

Ahoy Matte
Whether you pup travels by yacht or simply likes to go to the beach, get your dog ready for summer with these nautical leash sets from Muttropolis.



Skip the store-brought option and spoil your doggie with some homemade yummy treats with this recipe from Miss Candiquick. Click here for the full recipe.


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Keeping your dog safe should always be a top priority. Find your escape artist with the world’s most popular GPS Pet Tracker from Tagg.

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A Furry Addition

Feeling guilty leaving your dog home alone? How about finding them a furry playmate? Search thousands of adoptable dogs in your area. Get Started: CBHomesForDogs.com



The The Great Outdoors
Your dog loves nothing more than spending quality time with you. Whether it’s tossing the ball around or exploring the outdoors, you pooch just likes being by your side. Looking for some adventure? Go for a hike or take a stroll to the beach- Just make sure it’s a dog friendly beach or your pup will never figure you if he can’t play the waves! You can also try a local dog park which is a great way to get them so exercise and a chance to socialize.

How will you pamper your pooch this Pet Week?