“Nah—needs Garlic!” No truer words have been spoken, according to the City of Gilroy, whose claim to fame is being the “Garlic Capital of the World.” Those famous words from the 1988 movie, Crocodile Dundee II, in a very short and funny exchange between Dundee’s best friend Walt and their aboriginal mate Diamond, who’s seen eating—fire-roasted bat!

While we don’t anticipate any fire-roasted bats being served up at the Gilroy Garlic Festival, the weekend of July 24-26, we have read about some wild foods and beverages that you must try out at the heart of the festival, Gourmet Alley, where you most likely will not need ‘more garlic!’ Garlic ice cream, garlic wine, garlic French fries, garlic, garlic and…more garlic.

The festival has been around for over 30 years as a way to share extraordinary garlic-enhanced food and recipes with its visitors who come from all over the world! Gourmet Alley and its pyro chefs are at the heart of this American summertime food festival. What’s to do there besides eat garlic? Let’s break it down for you with the top 10 list of Gilroy Garlic Festival attractions:

1: Great garlicky food from Gourmet Alley

2: Free garlic ice cream

3: Garlic Cook-Off Stage

Photo by Eric Chan via flickr

Photo by Dougie Lawson via flickr

4: Flame-ups by Gourmet Alley Pyro Chefs

5: 100 arts & crafts vendors

6: Gourmet Alley Demonstration Stage

Photo by Anita Ritenour via flickr

Photo by Allan Chato via flickr

7: Children’s Area and Teen Zone

8: Wine Pavilion

9: Amphitheater

10: Garlic Mercantile shops

Photo by Eric Chan via flickr

New this year celebrity chef Daphne Oz from ABC-TV’s The Chew will be there to emcee the Garlic Showdown on Sunday, and the festival will also be hosting the first-ever Garlic Dream Wedding.

You can order your festival tickets online by clicking on the orange Eventbrite button on the festival’s Home page. Road trip!

Featured Photo by Andrew Sorensen via flickr