Since July, the stars and real estate agents of Bravo TV’s “Million Dollar Listing San Francisco” have thrown fits over break-dancing bootie parties, argued over domain names and shown multi million dollar townhouses to T-shirt wearing CEOs. With “tech” as its backdrop (the word has been mentioned so many times that some bloggers have suggested turning it into drinking game), the show has been a runaway hit; and Coldwell Banker’s Roh Habibi is its breakout star.

So what did we learn after watching the first season of MDLSF?  And what are fans going to be tweeting at Habibi and his senior partner Joel Goodrich (who also appears on the show) for the next few months as real estate geeks anxiously await the news about a next season? Here are our top seven S.F. takeaways just in time for tonight’s season 1 adieu.


Image courtesy of Bravo TV

1. Where’s Alamo…

In the first episode, Andrew Greenwell had a sexy “Hollywood Hills”-style listing in Alamo—this was one of many instances where the show (controversially) ventured outside of San Francisco city limits to film. However, the show also reminds us just how compact and interconnected the San Francisco Bay Area actually is. Not to mention diverse in setting, which is one of the area’s many great charms. Where else can you live on a vineyard and easily commute to one of the world’s most thriving downtowns? Or own a luxury urban condo and pop over to the beach on a whim?


Image courtesy of Bravo TV

2. Luxury Open Houses Are Really Just Big Private Parties

Who knew how much planning and strategizing went behind an open house for a million dollar listing? The over-the-top open houses on the show really emphasize just how far today’s high-end real estate agents need to go in order to attract the attention of discriminating buyers. Roh’s open house event at 8 Octavia was a perfect example. In the episode, he stalks “starchitect” Stanley Saitowitz in order to convince him to attend his open house. Another agent Justin Fichelson hired a fashion designer to decorate one open house and brought fireman-themed models to another. From valets to fine champagne, the operative phrase in San Francisco is clearly: “go big or go home.”


3. We All Need a Joel Goodrich in the Office

In the premiere episode, there’s a moment when Roh asks, “What would Joel do?” Real estate veteran Joel Goodrich offered up his best advice and sent the young star on his merry way.  “I always advise agents to follow basic fundamental principals and success will follow: work hard, have a plan and treat everyone fairly,” he says. His role on the show points to the importance of mentoring in the luxury real estate profession. As this tweet recently revealed.


Image courtesy of Bravo TV

4. Even Your Domain Name is Fair Game

In an early episode, Andrew revealed that he had bought the domain names for Roh and Justin, subsequently shutting them out of a key piece of their online pie. At the time, the tidbit caught both Roh and Justin off guard, but the “domain problem has been resolved,” and is now in Roh’s hands. The online scuffle just proves how important it is to monitor and take control of your digital footprint—especially if you’re a real estate agent working in the tech capital of the world.

Image courtesy of Roh Habibi

5.  Dress for the Job You Have…

If you watched the show and wondered for a brief moment whether you were watching a commercial for a luxury menswear line, then you’re not alone. Between Joel Goodrich’s Pucci pocket squares and Roh Habibi’s slim-fit Ermenegildo Zegna suits, we got the message: you need to dress the part if you’re going to succeed in San Francisco high-end real estate. As Joel likes to say: “My style is Very PC—Versace, Pucci and Chanel.”


Image courtesy of Bravo TV

6. Real Estate Success Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be a Family Man

A considerable amount of time on Season 1 was devoted to Roh’s family life. He and his wife, Shugufa, have been together for nine years, and welcomed their baby daughter, Zahra, right before the show began filming. Throughout the season, he is seen bringing his daughter to work, as well as making time for his wife and religion (he is Orthodox Muslim). The family man image flies in the face of the high-powered, cut-throat, workaholic real estate agent stereotype. As Roh told People magazine: “I want

[my daughter] to be a very well-rounded individual. I want her to understand the other aspects of life for the people that really don’t have anything.”


Image courtesy of Joel Goodrich

7. You Can Still Nab a “Million Dollar Listing”-Worthy Home in San Francisco

Sadly, Roh and Joel’s swanky 285 San Anselmo listing from the first episode, has sold—but you can still get your own piece of “wow.” This new $8.8 million penthouse in the Infinity, one of the four major luxury towers in San Francisco, has got MDL written all over it: iconic city views, architecture by Architectonica & Heller Manus and world-class Infinity amenities like a 5,000 square foot state-of-the-art fitness center, pool, sauna, screening room, 24-hour concierge service, Club Lounge and acclaimed restaurant Prospect on the ground floor.

The season 1 finale of “Million Dollar Listing San Francisco” airs tonight on Bravo at 10/9c.