Ok, the headline is not entirely true. It’s the folks at Coldwell Banker’s San Francisco Good Life Team who are technically selling this three-bedroom $995,000 gem in San Francisco’s Duboce Park—but we’re pretty sure this super sweet (and smart!) “Corgi Realtor” had something to do with its already pending sale.

Now let us give you some background. Coldwell Banker sales associates (and marketing geniuses) Katherine Holland and Travis Bernard decided to shake things up a bit by putting the precious pup to work for their listing. In a popular video, which now boasts over 34,000 views, coverage on several blogs and even caught the attention of the national TV show Right This Minute, the cool corgi appeals to the Internet’s obsession with the beloved Welsh breed by giving viewers a guided tour of the tidy Edwardian abode. Chompers the Corgi, as he known on Instagram when he’s not selling homes, takes a nap in one of its three bedrooms, unwinds in one of two sparkling bathrooms and even invites his furry friends over to sun on the porch. Doggone it, who wouldn’t want to buy this condo? He makes living in Duboce Park pawsitively awesome. (Note: end of shameless puns).

This video is modern day real estate marketing at its best—fun, cute and shows the home in its best possible light: through the eyes of man’s best friend. It plays on our most basic human emotions, giving us a warm and fuzzy feeling…that same feeling we get when we come home to a wagging tail (and occasionally a half-eaten Nike cross trainer). It also makes us foolishly wonder: does he come with the house too? Of course, he does not—but you could adopt your own dog or help find other adoptable pets a loving home this year through Coldwell Banker’s unique Adopt-a-Pet program.

Will the Corgi Realtor be leading us on another guided property tour soon? We can only hope. We need another dose of cute. Stat.