Super Bowl 50 better gear up for California because we are ready! Californians sure know how to have a good time, and with the Super Bowl being played in our state this year, we are all pumped up for the big game and all the festivities that go along with it. Some of us will be lucky enough to watch the game live – while others will be having a blast hosting a Super Bowl celebration from home.

If you’re part of the later like us (too bad we didn’t win that Powerball jackpot!), transform your party into the ultimate Super Bowl destination with these homemade football-inspired decorations. Here are some ideas to make your Super Bowl viewing party, and decorations, the talk of the year:

Football Field Table Runner

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Transform your table into a mini football field by spreading out Con-Tact Chalkboard Contact Paper ($6 per roll) and drawing yard lines using chalk. Make sure to leave the chalk out so guests can draw their own plays throughout the party! For an even more authentic look, try this AstroTurf version.

Football Everything

Photo via Flamingo Toes

Turn everything into footballs using simple materials like colored paper, cupcake wrappers, and card stock. Wrap items like tin cans and cupcakes and Mason jars with football themed décor and you will have yourself some unique decorations!

Penalty Flag Party Favors

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Give your guests something special to remember your party by. To create Penalty Flag party favors use colorful tissue paper or party napkins. Fill them with snacks like chocolate-covered raisins or roasted nuts then wrap and tie them with a rubber band or twist-tie and you’ve got some amazing party favors!

Football Helmet Balloons

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Show off your team pride, or your love for football, with some fun helmet balloons. Inflate helium balloons using a helium tank and draw your favorite team’s logo or helmet on the face of the balloon. The kids will surely love these!

Football Pillows

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Purchase children’s sized football jerseys and cut and sew the fabric onto pillows or pillow inserts. Show off your favorite California team or show support for the playing teams. These jersey pillowcases are comfy and on-theme.

We hope some of these homemade decorations will be incorporated into your Super Bowl viewing party! Have ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments below.