Oh California…we can’t say enough about your awesomeness. The Golden State is known across the nation for many things – movie star residents, awesome food, incredible beaches and its influence on technology – just to name a few.

California has an extraordinarily diverse population and landscape, from sunshine in Southern California to fog in Northern California and snow on the mountaintops.

The state’s economy is the largest of the United States, and is projected to grow, making it a great place for its residents to find a job.

So we weren’t surprised to hear that ten California cities made it onto U.S. News’ “Best Places to Live” list.

And three of those cities ranked as the Top 20. Let’s take a closer look:

San Francisco | No. 9


Known for the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, liberal attitude and foggy climate, San Francisco is truly a wonderful place to call home.

There are drawbacks to living in this great city, however. The cost of living in San Francisco is much higher compared to other places in the country: the median house price is $646,250, which is over $400,000 more than the median house price of the country at $218,867.

But anyone living in “The City” would tell you that nothing comes close to living in San Francisco and it’s worth every penny. Young techies are especially attracted to San Francisco thanks to the numerous job opportunities in the tech industry (which pay top dollar) and the many things to do, including dining at some of the nation’s best restaurants, picnicking and socializing at one of the many parks and enjoying the lively night scene.

San Jose | No. 10


Just below San Francisco ranks San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley. San Jose is also home to techies from surrounding companies including tech giants like Google in Mountain View, Apple in Cupertino and Facebook in Menlo Park.

These companies have brought in great wealth to the city but they have also made it a super expensive place to live. The median home price is $777,600 not to mention its high priced necessities, such as groceries, utilities and gas, which come at a higher price than elsewhere in the nation.

Unlike San Francisco, San Jose is typically sunny all year long, and has very little rainfall. San Jose also offers its residents plenty of outdoor activities thanks to its location by the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains and Diablo Range.

San Diego | No. 16


The lovely city of San Diego makes the top 20 thanks to its pleasant weather and beautiful beaches. The sunny city is also known for its world-class dining and its numerous outdoor activities.

Like most of California, San Diego’s home prices are higher than the national average at $477,500. The city’s high prices are mainly due to its great weather and gorgeous location.

San Diegans are typically a younger population who are attracted to the City of Motion‘s higher education opportunities and big-city amenities. San Diego is known to be a great place to raise a family, and at the same time satisfy those who like to have fun.

Hooray to living in California! Tell us what you love most about living in the Golden State.