Just yesterday, Ringleader Mike James invited Coldwell Banker’s prestigious Top 100, and those that placed in Circle or above for 2015, to step right up to its main awards recognition event of the year at the beautiful Wente Vineyards in Livermore. Over 475 Independent Sales Associates, along with Managers and staff members, attended the ultimate show put on in their honor for an afternoon of celebration, impressive acts and networking.

Sales Associates and attendees were immediately welcomed into a Coldwell Banker circus of sorts, complete with funhouse mirrors, performers on stilts, circus treats, a balloon maker, jugglers, a caricaturist and more!

Mike James was first to take the stage with a friendly welcome that set the tone for a wonderful afternoon under the big top. After toasting to all of the company’s attending Sales Associates and their success, he went on to reveal that the top attending Sales Associates may have a few tricks up their own sleeves. “The Top 100 Sales Associates in our company achieve sales results that many entire real estate companies would be envious of. Consider this: Last year alone, our Northern California Top 100 – all of you –– had more than 3,600 transaction sides. And more remarkably, you rang up sales volume of more than $5.6 BILLION dollars!”

Mike also went on to reveal that this is the first time that Sales Associates, Managers and staff have gotten together for an event since the company’s recent announcement naming him as President of the Bay Area and the Sacramento-Tahoe regions. “I couldn’t be more excited by the opportunity to oversee the Bay and Sacramento-Tahoe region and help expand our combined operations in Northern California,” said Mike. “We’re starting from a position of tremendous strength as the number one brand in Northern California with a market share of nearly 16%. That’s almost as much as the number two and number three companies combined! Having the Bay and Sacramento-Tahoe work more closely going forward will help us take a great business to an even higher level for all of you and for our clients.”

Of course, any circus would not be complete without a little food and entertainment. As far as food was concerned, the whimsical candy bar and its colorful display was without a doubt the main attraction, having every circus treat imaginable, from chewy gummy bears and circus-themed lollipops to peanut butter M&Ms, decadent chocolates and more. And for the main course, guests were treated to a sumptuous buffet of California cuisine served alongside Wente’s signature wines.

Among the circus’ top performers included the ever-so-talented roller girls who wowed guests with their effortless twirls and synchronized moves, the hula hoop dancer who entertained audience members with her magical choreography and the gravity defying contortionist who received a roaring applause from audience members with her twists, turns and impossible bends. Check out the live video we captured here. And in true circus style, the afternoon ended with perhaps the most amazing act of them all—a lively dance party led by Coldwell Banker’s very own Sales Associates.

Thank you to all those who attended Coldwell Banker’s Party Under the Big Top and for truly making it the greatest show on earth.

Did you attend Coldwell Banker’s Party Under the Big Top? What was your favorite act from the afternoon?