Over 100 Northern California real estate professionals gathered for Tom Ferry’s Sales Edge at the Sacramento Association of REALTORS®, July 26-28. The three-day education course, which featured renowned Sales Trainer and Tom Ferry Coach, Bill Pipes, covered a wide range of topics, including techniques for mastering sales and objection handling skills, increasing lead-to-appointment conversion rates, bulletproofing listing and buyer presentations and more.

From day one, it was evident that attendees were in for a real treat. In addition to learning invaluable business secrets and insiders’ tips in today’s industry, those in attendance were able to implement some of the best takeaways into their own book of business. As a result, attendees reported generating 100-plus leads throughout the three-day course.

So what was the secret to their success? We chatted with some of the attendees to find out what some of their favorite “aha moments” from Sales Edge were. Here’s a look at the top five takeaways.

1. What You Say to a Prospective Client Matters: Bill Pipes reminded attendees that sometimes success can boil down to what you say and how you say it. Whether it’s not saying enough, saying the wrong words or not knowing what to say, it can all potentially hurt your business. Keeping this in mind, Bill encouraged attendees to say a little more by taking advantage of each and every opportunity in the real world. Whether that opportunity arises in the grocery store, at a local coffee shop or at an open house, each and every opportunity can translate into an equally valuable lead.

2. Practice Makes Perfect: We’ve all heard the saying, “Practice makes perfect.” And while most of us took the saying to heart in our youth when we were brushing up on our spelling skills or trying to earn MVP for our favorite sports team, the idea often gets lost in the real world. Because let’s admit it, those in the real estate world know that it’s easy to get a little too comfortable with a go-to sales pitch or reliable farming technique. That’s where Sales Edge came into play. The course encouraged attendees, both new and seasoned, to take a look at their own sales pitches and consider areas for improvement with simple yet thought provoking questions like, “What has been successful in the past?” and “Has there been a time where your pitch hasn’t worked? Can you think of any areas for improvement?” Attendees were so inspired that they committed to creating accountability groups to reinforce the skills and takeaways learned from the course.

3. You’re Never Done Learning: Another simple yet effective takeaway from Sales Edge was the idea that no one—no matter how experienced of a REALTOR®—is ever done learning. This takeaway was not only evident in the attendee’s notebooks that were filled from front to back with tips and action items, but it was also apparent in the crowd that came together for Sales Edge. While attendees of all ages came eager to learn, one Coldwell Banker Sales Associate by the name Virginia Raskin stood out. Over 100 years of age, Virginia taught us that there is always room for improvement and learning—no matter our age or our skill set.


4. Create Realistic Business Goals: An important part of mapping your route to success is creating a set of regular and realistic business goals. But Sales Edge reminded attendees that setting business goals isn’t as simple as “setting them and forgetting them.” While most business professionals have good intentions, creating goals with little to no follow through can oftentimes do more damage than it can good. That’s why the course encouraged attendees to set weekly goals in order to increase accountability and follow through.

5. Confidence is Key: Seems simple right? It’s not always as easy as you think…Sales Edge reminded attendees that gaining confidence can oftentimes be the most difficult skill set to achieve, and that not having the necessary confidence can be detrimental to landing that new lead or generating that important sale. So how does one gain the necessary confidence? It’s a mixture of all of the above: knowing what to say, practicing and continually improving your sales pitch and creating realistic business goals.

Well there you have it! Did you attend Sales Edge? What was your favorite takeaway from the event?