Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, not only for the snack-filled parties and over-the-top costumes, but also for the chance to go all out with decorations. Especially the infamous pumpkin.

And while we love the tradition of pumpkin carving, let’s face it: it’s messy and sometimes dangerous, especially for little ones or over-ambitious adults. This Halloween, skip the hassle and try something new: a no-carve pumpkin. These ideas are quick, easy offer unlimited opportunities for personalization and they will help your pumpkins last longer, too.

So ditch the knife, grab your art supplies and get ready to create beautiful pumpkin art that will last all season long.


Rainbow Confetti Pumpkin

Photo via Made With Happy

All you need for this one is a pumpkin and some washi tape. Yep, it is that easy! Paint the pumpkin a color of your choosing and then spread the cut washi tape around the pumpkin like confetti. The washi tape comes in many different colors and patterns so this is a fun time to get creative with your color combinations.


Sugar Skull Pumpkin

Photo via Brit+Co

These no-carve sugar skull pumpkins are the perfect decoration for a colorful Halloween party and they are super fun to make. All you need here are some pumpkins, black and colorful sharpies, white acrylic paint, paint brushes, and a printable skull template for the perfectionists. Follow Brit + Co.’s Pinterest board for more Dia de los Muertos inspiration.


Pumpkin Stack

Photo via Brit+Co

Basically, you’re turning your pumpkins into a stack-o-lantern and we think that’s awesome. For this pumpkin hack we’re taking our pumpkin making skills to next level – literally, a higher level – and creating a cool pumpkin stack. Feel free to use fake pumpkins on this one with a bunch of Deco art pens and get creative! Whether you’re using real pumpkins or fake ones, Deco Art paint pens work like a charm with a little hot glue gun action to keep the pumpkins perfectly stacked.


Emoji Pumpkin

Photo via Brit+Co

These pumpkins are just as fun and quirky as they sound. Add some yellow spray paint and printable emoji parts from Brit & Co. and now you’ve created the perfect blend of internet culture and Halloween right at your doorstep. This one is a family favorite.


Copper Striped Pumpkin

Photo via HomeyOhMy

Dainty copper stripped pumpkins – how cute is that?! There’s something warming about these little white and copper pumpkins placed around your home that you just can’t get enough of. Order some copper tape and place strips down the sides of the pumpkins in between each groove, peeling the backing while at the same time smoothing over the tape with your fingers.  And Voila, you’re done.


Beach Ball Pumpkin

Photo via Paint The Gown Red

For those who just can’t let go of summer, keep the summertime vibes alive with these DIY no-carve pumpkin beach balls. Whether you prefer a brighter fall color pallet, love the beach or just want to break those “fall” rules, these pumpkin beach balls are for you.


Mummy Pumpkin

Photo via Better Homes and Gardens

Get in the Halloween spirit with this DIY mummy pumpkin and spook your trick-or-treaters in the cutest way possible. Grab an artificial pumpkin and wrap cheesecloth around it to create the perfect pumpkin mummy that everyone will fall in love with. Don’t forget to add the eyes!

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What are your favorite no-carve pumpkin ideas this Halloween? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.